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  1. Stop making realmrift supply chian an event dungeon, it's slow, none of my badges work, and my rotation is clunky because some of my gear effects don't work in here. This event dungeon is irritating. I'm already having trouble finding a reason to even logon, stop making it worse with annoying event dungeons.
  2. 6v6

    Hours? Please, it does not take hours. There are more than 12 people queuing. I'd rather wait 5-10 minutes than constantly fight against 6 dragonforged people with the 4-5 ravens and ascendants I kept getting.
  3. 6v6

    Please for the love of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing god. Fix your matchmaking. In the last few days I've constantly been grouped with ravens, balefuls, ascendants vs all of the enemy team having dragonforged. Even when I do some of the highest damage in a game, I still lose 15+ rating because of RNG. RNG for Christ sake. Do you want gold in 6v6? Better pray, since even with strong gear, you can't 1v6.
  4. Yes....... Gearing alts is basically impossible now as jewels are hard to get now. I can go to stage 10 neck, but I'm only held back by jewels... Please give us the 20g back or make the mats less or increase drop rate or just make another way thats a bit easier.
  5. F2 not loading

    When trying to look at other people's gear, their f2 will not load. I get a constant white screen. Anyone know why?
  6. Weekly DC

    Complained about it the when I first saw it, now I'm always playing 6v6. It does suck that it's gear based but I am enjoying it atm.
  7. Meh, nothing really good besides the venture tokens.
  8. Weekly DC

    You guys really had to make the weekly DC 6v6? The biggest whale fest?