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  1. I have a Poh pet that I spent like 500g on and now I'd like to switch to another character/class, but all the pets are character locked. The odds of getting the pet from the pouch was incredibly low (I spent a lot of money on that before just deciding to buy it) and it was a limited time thing as well, so with these new pet pouches being so ridiculous, why haven't pets been made tradeable between characters? I mean you can even sell them before you equip. What's the difference?? I haven't even awakened my pet yet and still can't move it . ____ .
  2. Honestly I still love BnS just as much as I did during it's beta in both Chinese and now in English, but as I've reached end game content, I'm starting to lose any desire to play. Most of that is because of the community in this game. As you all know, most (if not all) end game material has to be done in parties (which in itself is frustrating in my opinion) but whenever I get paired up with a party, I always end up with people who either get mad and leave or end up spending the entire dungeon laughing/acting like an ass just because you're not OMG 200% TOP PRO PVE/PVP LOL!!! I feel like th
  3. This is my old Gon SF: Gyu Hyeon I feel like I don't see enough colored beauties in this game > u > so I started making my own <3
  4. Yeah I'm looking forward to that Yura hair * _ *
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