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  1. Yesterday I had started a new toon, made her on the Zulia server. Got her to level 35 in around six hours. I saw quite a few lowbies in all the areas I went to. To me it felt like decently populated areas but mind you it's not like you need to form parties to do story mode dungeons. Also a good chance most of these said lowbies were other peoples alts. And lots of high levels in their faction uniforms camping lowbies of opposing faction. ( shame on you crimson, shame on you lol)
  2. Unless you want to be constantly focused in PvP don't play sf. At least destroyers have that spin skill they can spam and no one can even attack them while they're doing it. This game knows balance lol...
  3. I agree, the orb requirements is silly. Let us do HM once a day and both bosses in CS once a day as well without any orb.
  4. Imo wl is a very slow class to play. It's at the very least slower then my sf and eventhough I have yet to play a gunner I have a feeling that the gunner plays pretty fast. The wl is slow and is fairly immobile. There is I frames other then s s that I've noticed ( besides there skills they can use when knocked down). I never played summoner but I've heard over and over that it's easy mode. Does well every where. So the choice is yours what you wanna deal with I guess.
  5. Yea the dwindling population is starting to really show. Good example that showed me was I just came back to the game around a week ago and I notice that it's really hard to complete all the purple dungeons as finding people ( in some cases just one other person) is a challenge. Between the servers horrible performance and the gold nerf to all dungeons that aren't recommended for level 55 I can definitely see why this is the way it is. I really should've let my premium run out first instead of renewing it with a week of the previous one left, cause I probably would not have renewe
  6. Lol yup talk about story book scenarios xD You can dps the boss down in 30 seconds but the story makes you get your butt kicked and rendered helpless in the following scene. Best is becoming a babysitter. Now why the heck would I agree to that? Lol I don't take my characters relationship with the games story seriously.
  7. Yea it's like 2 hours to do the content. Just get it done, on all your alts xD
  8. Shared vaults is a bad idea. Other then that be a good idea. I'll marry my alt. #foreveralone qq
  9. Baleful. The baleful effect for Soul fighter really helps out with their dps.
  10. I've always found it to be extremely goofy to add an element to a game (in terms of balance in pvp/ e ) without any kind of counter...
  11. Even on the NA servers they're so overloaded I just get through the purple dungeons without hopefully dcing too many times then I log out and play another game. It's really painful right now, trying to play with at least 50% more ms then I normally get.
  12. I don't know anything about either class but what I do know is when a new class gets released it is always op af at least for a while. Developers do that to convince the players to play/ spend money on that class.
  13. Yea Naryu Sanctum. Way harder. It is really funny being in a 950+ so group and having people freak out cause it's taking too long... I wanted to mention the mobs/ boss got their levels and stats increased but nah I'm sure they'll figure it out :p
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