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  1. Having Trouble Leveling Up

    Because dumplings are so expensive from the regular merchants (didn't think to check F5), I've never used them. I have some, I just have chosen to stand around regenerating (which takes longer than any game I've ever played). I'm using a soul shield from Chapter 7 (Stalker) and a bangle from Chapter 11 with one upgrade (+60 damage). Besides Pokey, I think I've done every quest up to chapter 16. I couldn't defeat Pokey (not even close), but I don't think I missed any equipment rewards. Edit: Are you sure Frost Palm freezes something from being able to target me? It looks to me like it just slows enemies.
  2. Having Trouble Leveling Up

    Ok, I'm trying BNS mode. So Blazing Palm is left, Frost is RMB, Impact is 1, and DragonChor (or whatever) is 2. Should my attacks basically just be LMB, RMB, and Impact? I have to say I'm not noticing any difference. I'm fighting Inferno Poggles or whatever in the cave with Pokey. Their fire attack is seeking and they just tear me apart while I'm doing LMB, LMB, RMB, LMB, LMB, 1. I do decent damage, but I just left a battle with two of them having lost about 600 HP (from 821 to 252). Strafing back and forth doesn't do much since their ranged attack seeks. I'm doing about 35 per hit with LMB and RMB, about 124 per hit when I have full embers. They do about 100 per hit.
  3. Having Trouble Leveling Up

    I don't know if I can play BNS mode. Outside of the combat, it's just extremely annoying. I don't understand why I can't use my mouse buttons while having a cursor. It's just strange design. I'll give the rest of this a try. I don't think it's actually any different from what I'm doing except more frost than I usually use.
  4. Having Trouble Leveling Up

    I'm using the classic control scheme (the one that doesn't use the mouse buttons -- which is annoying, but I can't stand having to hold down a key to use my cursor as a cursor). So I'm using R (the attack that builds embers) and then almost exclusively 1 and 2. 1 blows up embers and 2 consumes 5 focus. I don't do much else.
  5. Having Trouble Leveling Up

    I really want to love this game (it looks beautiful), but I'm having trouble leveling up as a force master. I'm level 16 now and my progress has basically ground to a halt, making me wonder if this class is really for me (I usually prefer ranged to melee characters in these types of games). The basic problem is that it takes forever to progress through the PvE content because I take too much damage as I'm trying to kill something so I have to stand around waiting to heal. I thought the class played pretty simply: stack embers and then blow them up for damage. But that doesn't seem to work with many enemies (particularly those that have ranged attacks of their own). I take tons of damage and that really slows my progress, or makes it impossible to beat powerful enemies (or multiples of even regular enemies). What is a good leveling build? What could I be doing wrong at this low level? Did I miss some equipment or upgrades I should have gotten before Chapter 14 (where I am)?