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  1. Show off your characters!!

    My KFM+BM+WL :3
  2. How do I use SoulStone Shards?

    If you mean soulstone crystal, then you cant process them. You can do "soulstone (tradable) > soulstone crystal (upgrade material). But cant do other way around.
  3. Tiger or dragon bracer ?

    No matter if you are fire or lightning, you should go dragon. Dont even look on Tiger as BM :)
  4. Feedback on hongmoon skills

    Greetings, today i bought offal of silence, darkness and iluminance on my blade master with intention to send those to my KFM like i did with tomes, pellet and chilling flame elixir. But for some reason they are not account bound and i dont see a single reason why, since tokens and certificates are account wide. I didnt noticed and litteraly just wasted 33 tokens and 12 certificates. If i did know i would send those to my alt and then buy offals. What is even worse i cant even refund those right away and they are useless on my BM because i allready have all the hongmoon skill on him. Right now iam really pissed about this. I know i shlould read those small letters down there but i was so exited that i will finnaly have that hm skill. And it work fine for everything else, tomes, pellet, tomes, that i didnt felt need to read all of that. I dont know if its intended to be "trap" for players but even tokens that are currency for those offals are account bount, so i see no single reason why arent those offals account bound as well. I have submited ticket to get my tokens back for those useles offals, but if iam stuck with those in my bag on my BM, while currency for those are account bound, I will be extremly furious about this bad system and probably quit the game on the spot as i did with other games before. Dont know if game devs just forget about it or if its "small letters trap" intention on players but its really unfair, stupid and waste my farm and money. Please fix it because it really doesnt make any sence. Thank you for you attantion, hope anyone will see this and will try to do something about it, still didnt lost my hope for this game, yet.
  5. The fate of arena

    And what class do you play anyway? If there are people that tell you to switch mains i would guess Soul fighter or Gunner. To be honest if you are new i kind of encourage you to switch mains and experiment. I joined when Soul fighter came out and he was my 1st character ive laveled to max. Then 2th was KFM, 3th warlock and now I have Blade master main with gunner as alt. Now i have invested some time to those characters and they suit my playstyle really well and even when i thought of switching to "stronger class" it would be at the cost of fun for me at this point. So try different classes and you will see. previous season SF, BM were in top tier, Last 1v1 word champion is SF and i belive they nerfed SF maily because of him :D But if you care about class being in top tier all the time or at least viable in high rank i recomend you to try Assasin, they are complex, all time strong in pvp, just a little bit hard to play them right. And for the p2w aspect of the game, there are some aspects but i think its NCSoft and korean owners fault, because tempo or releasing new content is too damn high for a game that is meant to be grindy. It will slow down but not until we reach Korean patch and that will take more than year in my opinion.
  6. Fix the Dead Arena pvp

    Ive made post about idea of the new reward system. Its by far not flawless, so any good idea is welcome and what you know, maybe just maybe NCSoft will notice this and give us something better than what we have now.
  7. How to make arena more popular?

    And with giving out rewards it would be similar. Algorythm would give rewards to "index", in other words "player name" and not characters.
  8. How to make arena more popular?

    No they dont sit on those ranks. As it is in example, player "Kuki" has 3 characters in Top 5, but only 1st one has rank 1, others would have rank 3 and 5 but algorythm would skip them and not give them rank anymore. They will be there but game would ignore them. Very simply put, algorythm would be like this: Check character with max points > does it have index (player name) that is in ladder allready? > no/yes > No, then give it rank 1+n > check character with max-1 points > does it exist? > no/yes > no, repeat last step> yes, does it have index that is ladder allready? > Yes, skip it > check character with max-2 points > and so on until game chek all characters at some limit points. This may be a little bit heavy on procesing since iam not profesional and there might be better way, but its really possible to do so.
  9. As the title said. There are a lot of problems with arena. Main problem in my opinion are bad rewards. Yes there are seasons with nice rewards but i feel like they are good only for few elite players and they have even 3 or more alts with same class so they collect most of them. So only few of pvp player base benefit from this. And that is really bad, almost alarming. New reward system that i thought of. New rewards rules: 1. Players will recive rewards only for 1 character per account that is highest in their class ranking (for example you have Blade master rank 1 and 2th rank 5 and Warlock rank 3, you will recive reward only for one BM but also for WL). 2. Current ranking system based on class rating (1,2,3,4-9,10-99,....) will award tokens and special pvp costumes in same way as it is right now, but as said before only 1 per account 3. Characters that are in ranking, but are not the highest rank on player account will not recive rank but will be still shown in ladder. Example: Class ranking for Blade master rank 1. Kuki <Kuki> rank 2. Bay <bay> rank -. QiZhuo <Kuki> rank 3. Hawboy <Haru> rank -. youThink <Kuki> rank 4. other characters And so on. I ve used ranking trend form ladder, it is not meant to offend anybody only to set example. Here player "Kuki" would revice rewards only for character named "Kuki" so there will be more rewards for more people and create place that is "more fair". And players will have more clear information about current meta. 4. Aditionaly at the end of the season, everyone will recive rewards in materials based on what medal they reached -> bronze (1300-1449): no reward silver (1450-1599): few materials (25 elysian crystal, 25 moonstone crystal, 50 soultone crystal, 50 sacread crystal) gold (1600-1799): costume from f10 (ncsoft choise), more mats (50 elysian crystal, 50 moonstone crystal, 25 evolved stone, 4 gem powder) platinum (1800-2099): cotume (same as gold) more mats (50 elysian orb, 50 moonstone, 50 evolved stone, 1 gem crystal) Diamond (2100+): cotume (same as gold) platinum material rewads + new legendary weapon skin (for wow efect) In adition: Instead of beeing able to exchange zen beans for soulstones, let us buy pouches with mats that drop in dungedons (something like in celestial bashin) with cost of 1k zen beans for 1 pouch or something like that. This i think would bring more PvE players to do or at least try arena. Any idea is welcome. Just please dont post "they need to balace classes". Iam sure they already try.
  10. The fate of arena

    From what ive seen in your post, you are relatively new player right? 1. 30 second unconsciousness. To be honest this is almost never used (only if for example if you want bait your opponents F) otherwise it just for trolling and buying time :D 2. Over the time, cats will be smaller problem as you learn that they do almost always the same stuff again and again and you learn to counter them 3. In silver, litteraly anything can happen (op classes like WL or SIN can be super bad and weakest classes like SF and SUM will dominate you) 4. As in any game balance is an issue, so far i havent seen perfectly balanced game with multiple classes (exept chess :D), but BnS give great satisfaction if you win with mind games over the stronger class. 5. Yes, you may find it frustrating to play vs some "op" classes, but its not like they are unbeatable. Overall, they do balance changes, but you will need more than 3 weeks to really understand what is arena like. Many people give up because they think that their class is forever weak in arena before they even learn what their class can really do i pvp. Another thing is, that rewards for arena are really bad. Most of players play it so they get their hm skills and then play only pve. So others play it because its fun (not so many sadly).
  11. What's the PVP tier list right now?

    From what ive have seen, its like this. 1v1 gold-platinum: tier 1: WL, FM, SIN tier 2: BD, DES, KFM tier 3: BM, SUM, SF, GUN PS: you can say WL is god tier class right now dominating 1v1 and 3v3, because of skill resset (best pvp skill in the game) and aerial combos that are guaranteed dmg even if your opponent has tab escape. 3v3 is similar but SF are tier 2 there. In silver and below anything can happen, literaly. You shouldnt make decisions based on tiers if you dont plan go higher at all costs. As for diamond, i think it depends on players greatly. Usualy they know each another and main things are mind games. Plus some classes may counter another here. All in all, it depend on what you want to do and how much you are able to comit, my recomendation for top 3 classes right now: 1) Warlock pros: easy to play, not many buttons, looks awesome, strong in 1v1 and 3v3, insane burst, skill resset, familiar, not really bad match up. cons: if they nerf them i expect SF level of nerf 2) Assasin pros: crazy cc chains, 2 escapes, stealth (for some really hard to deal with), really stable over the years and expect to be in future = great if you want main for long time cons: really hard to do perfect combos (not recomend as an alt), cant really "save" teammates in 3v3 (but can 1v3 ;P) 3) Lyn blade dancer pros: core for many 3v3 combs, fun in pvp, spinner, great overall skill set (iframes, def skills, ccs, burst, ect), imo like blade master made for pvp cons: strugle vs classes with 2+ escapes (wl, sin, fm), some say they are predictible (not sure about that to be honest) Honorable mentions: FM (last buff made them really good) DES (great in 3v3 and easy to handle) As i said its my opinion and its influenced by pro tournaments in KR, i myself main BM and only reached gold but love to study and watch pvp tournaments. Hope it helps.
  12. Can some please tell me what are the odds that transmutation fail? I tried 6 times and fail all of them. Its extremly soulcrushing and even on success it give 0 satisfaction, just slight relief. Please, cant it be at lest 50/50? Or i would rather pay 3 times materials for 100% drop than what it is now. I dont care about P2W aspect of any game but this bull? If it wouldnt be possible to buy/sell on market this would be pure gambling and I dont want to be part of that, because even if it can be sold on market, there still has to be someone that has to gamble. So yea if anything else this is part of the game i hate the most, its not fun, not rewarding, just pure frustration seeing people laugh in your face that they got it 2 times out of 3 tries while some pretty much loose 500g in toilet. And they will come to rub it in your face again and again. 500g might seem like nothing, but to me who only pay monthly subscripcion and cant grind like crazy until its some kind of holiday its a damn lot. Or if it would be something super special, like some OP last end game weapon upgrade for few choosen ones, i wouldnt say a word. There is no use to cry over the spilled milk but PLEASE consider changing this at least little bit. This terrible experience nearly made me quit the game for good. That means i will still play the game for fun to kill some time but all in all i think there is too much RNG overall and i refuse to pay even 1 euro from this point on.
  13. BGs are inside job, created by the devil himself. :D If you are not full geared, then its like fliping a coin to decide the winner for you. Yes, they can make it so there wont be as big diference as it is now, if they do something similar what Bizz done in WoW. (that there will be 15% power diference at max) but they need to feed something to people that pay a lot of money or spend insane ammount of time in game, because it may suprise you, but no game runs for free. Its a bussines. Welcome to age of capitalism my friend. Ps: game itself try to make balanced teams, but if weak player wait too long, game is like "❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ it" and just throw him anywhere. any game these day work like that. And DCs? Bad luck, man up. I will pray for you next game.
  14. Balance where? Arena? Summoners are mid-low tier in arena, 5th or 6th. If you have IQ 100+ and dont panic when they pew pew everything, you can easly counter/cc them and AoE shit out of them. If they escape, 90% of them will shit their pants and will be passive for 30s, then all you need to do is wait until you see that flower above their head and use your pierceing/defense cancel skill and give them surprise heart attack and i guarantiee you, that most of them will not know what to do next and just press random stuff. Of course there are skilled summoners out there that are really good, but guessing by your comment, they are out of your reach anyway. In 6v6? Well, yea there they are top tier with fm and wl Ps: You said you are WL? Well, your class need to be balanced, WLs just have too much unavoidable damage with "hoba, hoba air combo" *cought* "skill reset", and is considered as OP with FM in any region.
  15. 12/04 Maintenance delayed for 1hour

    Yup, but on the other hand, its still better than delivering unfinished version. And this is a good chance to work on my patience :D Thank you BnS.