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  1. Question on soul badge system

    Hello, right now I can get courage badge only for tokens, but since session is ending in month I was wondering if we will be able to get this specific badge for solar energy. If anyone from NCSoft could at least a little bit say on that, it would be great help, thanks.
  2. Old player comin back! class now?

    Dont choose class by dps, please, but if you insist anyway consider: 1. Right now nobody cares about dps, 90% of people look only on AP 2. Every class can do great dmg, its just that some have great burst (gunner/sin) other sustained damage (FM/BM) and until you have maxed every piece of gear its almost impossible to compare -> and its not really relevant. You overgear? you smash with any class. You dont have gear? class utility>class dps. As for PvP 1v1 Tier 1 = WL, Sin, LBD, Des Tier 2 = FM, KFM, Gun (gunner is hard to tell tbh, they were tier 3 but i feel they on rise right now a little bit) Tier 3 = Sum, SF, BM (hard to tell tho since bm did get buff a little bit and sf got rework) PvP 3v3 This i really hard tbh to put in tiers but strongest are classes that have 2 or more escapes => WL, Des, FM, Sin, recently Gun and LBD because of iframes and spin Tier 1: WL, Des, Sin, FM, Gun Tier 2: SF, KFM, LDB (used to be tier1 almost god tier but recent change to HM block will be big hit to them imo) Tier 3: BM, Sum Ps: this apply mostly for gold tier and up
  3. Sudden immense lag

    If this never happened before and it started yestarday after maintance then it may be because of large activity of players (everyone wanted to try new patch at the same time = 3 times larger activity = great stress on servers = large lag spikes, this happens even in games like WoW nothing unusual). I had a same problem, ping juped from 100ms to 300ms or more but today its allready fine. If I were you I would observe for a few days how is it going and if it gets any better (should be). If not i would recomend contacting support, they might help you better than me.
  4. patch notes?

    They did said that but they are not out yet :( IF they are out today my guess is, we will get it around 22:00 PST. In other words, on patch day in EU. :D
  5. Lightning Blade Master

    I personaly love both ways, sadly its really expensive to completly switch form one to another or maintain both :( as it was said before try F12. Lightning is more work for same dps. DPS wise its about same. When Ive tested it with no elemental gear I did 100k on fire and 90-95k on lightning and iam main flame so real lightning is on par imo.
  6. Hello, I would like to say something to this issue. I have BM that has lvl 10 fire ring, earring and necklace. I would like to switch to lightning but when i think about farm Ive had go thru to get to this point it makes me puke and I cant bring myself to do it again. Let alone I wont be able to perform in raids as I did before for some time. What I would love to see from devs, is to let us "upgrade" or transmute or whatever our elemental accesory on max level. We can do it with Bracelet sowhy cant we have something similar on this? Lets say i have lvl 10 fire ring, If i would be able to transform it to lvl 10 lightning ring for 100g some mats and actual lvl 1 lightning ring, I would be happy beond belief.
  7. 1k trove keys and no saving lace?

    1. Iam sorry but if you have spend money for 1k keys, Iam 100% you have gambling addiction and you deserve what you got, plain and simple. 2. Every time there is trove people say they dont trove but most of them still do (at least 50 keys), most people that dont trove are silent because they really cant care less. 3. Everytime they say its worse and they wont do it next time and that current one is pile of **** but they still do it. Right now you might want consider to buy gold for your Ncoins since ratio is like 1:1,1 if you are looking for a pure guaranteed value. In other words its like you spend 40 to 45 gold for 1 key and if you got only legendary gem or 1 to 2 moonstone or 1 evolved stone it feels reaaaly bad let alone you spend more gold for those items. For trove to be worth your money right know you would need 1 good crit every 5 keys. And yes you can get bad crits, they are more common than you think.
  8. 0 wl badge drop

    Well, good luck on next time is all I could say to you. In my clan, we have 3 groups that to VT+SK every week and g1 is killing hive queen everyweek since 2nd week (1st week killed only thrall) and they still wait for 1st rancor to drop and there are 3 people that need it. Friend even make reddit post every week with update on it :D I dont know exact numbers but I think its 25+ runs so you are still in good position compared to them :D
  9. What About 2v2 Tag Matches?

    I understand where are you going with this, but only con that comes to my mind is that, its cool if you have only 1 friend that you want to play with in arena. Cons are in gameplay. Thing is that 2v2 doesnt give you nothing more or new than 3v3 right now only less space for strategy and you would play it with randoms you wouuld always see one blaming other and that would give really bad feeling to the game. For example: in 2v2 you would go in to help, you would save your teammate but at the cost of of your tab escape. Not only he cant tag out if you are in but if you switch right after, you will still have escape on cd and its really easy to chase tag and that would mean sure death. And that is only one of many problems that would come with 2v2 compared to 3v3. Iam sorry to tell you but BnS in not the game that would be good with 2v2 format.
  10. Can we get an equipment based bg?

    Sorry but BG will never be like that because its pretty big source of money for NCSoft. It would be like BMW would make car that is beautiful and it will last you for 25 years. They can do that, but they would go bankrupt. For AKF people i would like to see auto bans for 1 hour / 5 hours / 1 day / 2 days / 5 days / week if it repeats and they are inactive. For that I want to see requirement for joining ranked BG: You need to have at least lvl 1 Ascendant weapon (not pve, raven or aransu but PvP asc weapon), honestly this is pretty easy right now, it would take like week or two of normal daily farming. That is not much to joing ranked BG, many other games has requirements that take longer to meet if you dont pay real money. As for the gaps I would WELCOME overall decrese of dmg in BG beause its all about opener and if you oneshot or get oneshoted. I admid you need skill even for that but make whole BG around it is Lame. Something like Debuff that lower normal AP by 300 or 500 or set it on 700-800 for everyone. That would make PvP AP more important and fight less bursty and make more room for strategy and manuvering. But Its only whishful thinking now :( And another thing is if you talk with someone in gold tier with full PvP gear, I am sure they would give you a lot different answer.
  11. It might be because of confidence boost in some dungedons. Go run Desolate tomb and then go shoot some dummies in Mushin tower. Then you will see if its buff or just event boost.
  12. What is the math behind threat?

    I wouldnt say it better. As for the numbers: Basic threat skill give you +200% more VDMG for all skills as Nivalias said and you can fruther rise it with hm points to +300% total. In other words: there is BM with 100k dps (has +300% threath with skills and points) KFM with 120k dps (only skills threath so +200%) WL with 200k dps (no threath) "virtual dps" BM 400k dps KFM 360k dps WL 200k dps with this BM will be one with the most aggro
  13. Show off your characters!!

    My KFM+BM+WL :3
  14. How do I use SoulStone Shards?

    If you mean soulstone crystal, then you cant process them. You can do "soulstone (tradable) > soulstone crystal (upgrade material). But cant do other way around.
  15. Tiger or dragon bracer ?

    No matter if you are fire or lightning, you should go dragon. Dont even look on Tiger as BM :)