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  1. You actually want to know why the requirement went up like that? Elitist people? No. Those requirement skyrocket because of trove and Hongmoon Credit Card users that don't know the game. Ever wondered why Ransack Treasury and Shadowmoor were not multi run once they came out? I sure know. I ran them. 80% of the people are trap as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and don't know any mechs. I STILL encounter people that don't even know Shadowmoor has Spawn, Curse and Cut mech. I STILL encounter people that do not understand Dreamsong Theater and I also encounter people that do not understand Amara whole area line of sight
  2. The issue is not about endgame people blazing in low level dungeons and carrying alts. The issue is that NCSoft never could give us good loot because all dungeons could be carried and farmed. Now they finally made a specific loot table for endgame people. Is that said loot table well done? Nope as I mentioned before they should revise the loot. But don't combine "I do not care about wings" with I cannot do Stage 4 this is unfair. Stage 1-3 Needs what 600k tops? Rewards -> Legendary orbs -> Oils, Pet Packs, Hepta Gems, etc. Or simplified Normal event stuff Stage 4 Needs 1.2m Reward
  3. Burning Mausoleum Boss: 1 840 000 000 HP, 5 minute enrage timer => 1 022 222.222 dps is required for everyone. Any range person should be able to push their parse dps. It isn't that extreme if you consider most gc3 people will push 1.2m+. Melee I will accept it is different since they have more attacks to evade. But for Gunners, Warlocks, Fm and Summoner (Dunno if cat is one shot as well) he is a push over. The aoe pools can easily be avoided with a 5 hit resist and some small sidesteps. His roar takes forever so your 5 hit resist should almost always bee off cooldown. As for Longgui wel
  4. Wow there @Bliiz I think you got a huuuge misunderstanding. That think you listed was NOT an official letter. This was a gigantic Wishlist made on reddit. here is the thread with its title updated: So all that hope was a lie sorry to break it down
  5. Since thread came back alive here is more input a) In tournaments people try to attack Warlocks during Time Distortion. Even if they are all pros. All fights won against Warlocks is because people get the F--- away when TD is used. 2018 Final can show it. Duckballs keep staying in Yis's face and got demolished. This is the same as trying to kill a Warden inside his own Blade Ward while SB is up. You don't win, you just won't. Time Distortion is good for Warlocks and it is strong don't get me wrong. But in 3v3 it is only OP because we can reset classes that are strong without it. b) Rega
  6. I hope the unreal 4 will be a big change. If Unreal 4 will not help performance of the game then I think NA and EU servers will die. It is atrocious how I can crash constantly and next day no crash at all. Hope when UR4 happens NCWest will ensure patches aren't a buggy mess where F5 doesn't work or announced stuff just didn't happen.
  7. @CheesecakeAssassin Some of it is about speed but the issue arose from something different. Back when our elements could be mixed and matched F8 asked for about 50 ap more then what game recommended. Mostly People looked at gear rather than Ap itself. (There were always some Hurr Durr only max Ap hurr Durr people). Like @Vyd and @Lyn Thunderfox mentioned AP is not everything. But today I tend to follow AP more then gear. The reason behind that is really really simple. Trove. This "event" alone broke AP requirement to a ridiculous level. How? Simple. If you go back when Twilight Temple aka T
  8. I am sorry to inform you that IF they are testing the newly changed/added content then it is poorly tested. The biggest offender would be Iron Conqueror and Hive Queen. May 08: Eternal Night update features Iron Conqueror no longer inflicting knockback on his spin attack. Well it still does but instead we got a halfway removed Bug Bomb from Hive Queen instead??? That the knockback is not removed could have been easy tested. That Hive Queen also became buggy I can understand somewhat since she wasn't part of any huge change. (Her dot got nerfed) May 08 update notes September 12: Features
  9. Sooo looking at past posts I only see 0 replies meaning they either got ignored or just don't care? Alright here is the issue> April 2018: Windows makes a new update and lots of people cannot play 64 bit anymore. I happen to be a lucky winner of being able to play 64 bit BUT I keep crashing. The crashes were frequent at certain maps increased the odds. (Mushins Tower, Hollows heart, Koldrak, etc.) After a while (kinda August) I decided to reformat my whole PC. I formatted all partitions and reinstalled whole thing. I download Blade and Soul aaaaaaaaaand 64bit doesn't work. Doesn't eve
  10. This whole AP ordeal started all the way back when first Trove appeared. Back then before trove even existed in order to have high AP you needed to grind . . . grind A lot. Only way to get gem back then were events. Sacred oil for a long time didn't even appear in events. The current issue is how strong Trove has become. This current Summer Trove had everything a person needed to go from brand new character to level 55 HM 14 with Aransu 9 weapon, max gilded, Stage 10 BT/VT accessories, max VT soulshields, True Cosmic Soul, Pretty high up Heart,etc. It has gotten so bad that I saw people wit
  11. Currently having the same issue. here is the approach i got told from support. (Will skip some meh ideas) 1) Use compatibility and choose windows 7. If it works but your fps are locked at 30 and just wont go higher for no reason then you are ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed (My issue right now). 2) If previous thing didn't work then try using 32 bit. For some reason 32 bit isn't affected by windows update
  12. Thrall has weird hitboxes so dunno why he cannot hit any target with movement speed. I spared with a friend before and he actually managed to avoid Q with some diagonal inputs. (Happens max 3 times so really not sure what happened there). Basically when I press Q the Thrall will go on were you are at the moment I press Q not at your current position. This can easily be seen when your opponent uses any approach skill. While you are at my face my thrall will attack at your initial position. And yes we will have another reset once you tabbed out. But we will be more linear (no leech option). S
  13. If you want to escape from 3 stuns within 10 seconds we need our escape to either make us land on edge of TD so when we use it again we move back but still inside TD. Or We use one TD so we move back again into TD. And other method is having a wall prevent us from going backwards hence sitting in our TD. Sure Void Walk can be used but it cancels out TD if Thrall was using TD and well still has no iframes. That 9 second aerial that can hit knockdown is RNG. It saddens me to inform you that it is more hurtful then beneficial. While yes of course an instant lift from a Parry or a Kno
  14. I think this needs some proper addressing since like 90% of complaints don't even read our skills. Sanctum: Anti CC -> 45 second cooldown -> Can be targeted, can be pushed, grabbed or aerialed (KFM jump attack) Anti targeting -> 1 minute cooldown -> If fast enough can grab out of it, no cc resist at all so pull and push working (unless you hit block of course). Any type of Sanctum CANNOT BE RESETED. All hongmoon variants last 10 seconds else it is 6 seconds! Oh side note. If you go back into Sanctum you are not guaranteed to get your target immunity right away since
  15. Yup confronted him and was probably due to timer. Sorry about all this (Next time will ask 5 time)
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