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  1. Listen your voice please.

    You actually want to know why the requirement went up like that? Elitist people? No. Those requirement skyrocket because of trove and Hongmoon Credit Card users that don't know the game. Ever wondered why Ransack Treasury and Shadowmoor were not multi run once they came out? I sure know. I ran them. 80% of the people are trap as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and don't know any mechs. I STILL encounter people that don't even know Shadowmoor has Spawn, Curse and Cut mech. I STILL encounter people that do not understand Dreamsong Theater and I also encounter people that do not understand Amara whole area line of sight. Bear in mind, those people that I am talking about are Aransu 9+ people. Of course I expect a raven 3 to not know Shadowmoor but Aransu 9?? With max soul?? What do you think people as dungeon leader will do? if Aransu 9 people are traps you expect anyone with less gear to be any better? No you don't. Is this way of thinking toxic? Yes it is, this way of thinking is what ruins the game for new people. But look at NCSofts approach. More and more cash event, less and less mechs. I can understand nerfing old content. But we already got at least 2 TT nerfs. I even think our "original" version of TT was a KR nerfed one. Yes Korea has ET but we don't and as much we pushing towards it our Endgame content still got nerfed twice. I used to run trains with complete F8 groups. But I grew tired of it. I am not here to wipe 7 times in a normal dungeon (Not even hardmode) because 4 of my party members are 3 day old accounts. The only time you see me post on F8 with no requirement is because me and my friend can 2 man all the way up to St with RST as exception. Want another example? We can definitely agree that Skybreak Spire is now old content. So my friends and I are doing weeklies together (8 people). And each set contains 2 mains and rest are alts.(Some just do 80k dps). I ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing get request of people to whisper them when I recruit BT because their party couldn't clear Stage 3 and 4. STAGE 3 AND 4 BT!!! All our mains got the speed achievement with 2 mains and 6 alts. (Most of the mains were Aransu 9 only). This is how bad our community is in terms of learning mechs. Nobody watchs them, nobody reads them, all people want to do is Pew Pew Pew I got big D**k DPS.
  2. The issue is not about endgame people blazing in low level dungeons and carrying alts. The issue is that NCSoft never could give us good loot because all dungeons could be carried and farmed. Now they finally made a specific loot table for endgame people. Is that said loot table well done? Nope as I mentioned before they should revise the loot. But don't combine "I do not care about wings" with I cannot do Stage 4 this is unfair. Stage 1-3 Needs what 600k tops? Rewards -> Legendary orbs -> Oils, Pet Packs, Hepta Gems, etc. Or simplified Normal event stuff Stage 4 Needs 1.2m Reward -> Resurgence Emblem -> GC SS 1-3 (useless should have been 6-7-8), Octa Gems, Wings, Onyx Scale and GC Steel So let's breakdown the rewards. If you cannot clear Stage 4 turtle then I am sorry to inform you but most likely you should not be farming GC steel, Gem upgrades. Your soul probably is not max and neither is your Talisman and Heart. Most likely 90% of the people not clearing stage 4 also do not have TT accessories. So their priority should be upgrading their gear and not gems. But people today are so focused on having all Dyad Squares with a crappy Aransu 3 thinking they can bust in TT and get GC tomorrow. Stage 4 only gives TT geared people an event allowing them to get more steels and one stage higher gems since most likely if you clear TT you are probably working on Gilded Squares and your GC upgrade. Stage 1-3 is just as any regular event that pretty much anyone can do. (especially since getting VT gear is a joke) The Mausoleum follow that same principle. Desolate mausoleum = Normal people -> Legendary Orbs Burning Mausoleum = Endgame people -> Resurgence Emblem So what exactly are you missing out so badly on not being able to kill Stage 4? What is that one item that you so desperately need that you cannot get from Stage 1-3? Octa Gems? So you can have Dyad Squares on and Aransu 6 main? GC Steel for your GC weapon when you never cleared Boss 3 and Boss 4? I will admit locking the wings is a dick move. But that is the only item that I think should not have been locked. The GC Soulshields should be changed to 6-7-8 and they should have added Premium Transformation Stones. You should see this the same when Trove or Rng Box is out. 1 tab is a real event and the one is rng box bullshit tab. But this time instead of splitting the tabs they put them together and the other part is gear locked and not someones Hongmoon Credit Card.
  3. Burning Mausoleum Boss: 1 840 000 000 HP, 5 minute enrage timer => 1 022 222.222 dps is required for everyone. Any range person should be able to push their parse dps. It isn't that extreme if you consider most gc3 people will push 1.2m+. Melee I will accept it is different since they have more attacks to evade. But for Gunners, Warlocks, Fm and Summoner (Dunno if cat is one shot as well) he is a push over. The aoe pools can easily be avoided with a 5 hit resist and some small sidesteps. His roar takes forever so your 5 hit resist should almost always bee off cooldown. As for Longgui well 1.3m is needed but that in itself is not the biggest flaw. Having to tank Longgui is where some issue appears. Not every class is suited for max pew pew damage + tanking. Sure he has only a 5 hit move set but it still puts tanks in a way better spotlight. I myself cannot clear Stage 4 Longgui since I don't meet the 1.3m but I can say that I welcome this event because it finally give veterans/geared players an advantage. Only thing they might need to fix is the loot table for such players. Octa gems are nice but if you really want to give only octas then make the dps requirement only 1m. Else boost your rewards People are flaming this event is what makes the event bad. Instead of even looking at it as an approach for a new "type" of event your guys flame that your 2 month account cannot clear it. Sorry but those catch up Soul/Pet event are in my opinion way worse because they offer nothing. Cool your alt gets an Awakened transcended Soul. And once you have it what will next catch up give you? Nothing! This event has at least 2 loot tables. 1 for the top 2% and other table is for the rest. This is how events are supposed to be. Not catering only 1 group and shitting on the rest. I often criticize NCSoft but for once they went in a good direction. Don't get me wrong the event is not perfect. But for once we do not have an event that rewards GC people with blackstones/silver scales.
  4. Make Blade And Soul Great Again

    Wow there @Bliiz I think you got a huuuge misunderstanding. That think you listed was NOT an official letter. This was a gigantic Wishlist made on reddit. here is the thread with its title updated: So all that hope was a lie sorry to break it down
  5. Fix warlocks in pvp

    Since thread came back alive here is more input a) In tournaments people try to attack Warlocks during Time Distortion. Even if they are all pros. All fights won against Warlocks is because people get the F--- away when TD is used. 2018 Final can show it. Duckballs keep staying in Yis's face and got demolished. This is the same as trying to kill a Warden inside his own Blade Ward while SB is up. You don't win, you just won't. Time Distortion is good for Warlocks and it is strong don't get me wrong. But in 3v3 it is only OP because we can reset classes that are strong without it. b) Regarding what @AxeNoob said. (i pretty sure he is trolling but will answer) if you talk about Badges/ Time Distortion lowering cooldowns then you talk 6v6. This means you also need to take in consideration FM killing you with only shadow grasp. Destroyer doing 90%+ damage with only Fury. Gunner melting 6 people with tombstone. SF being a aoe Deathzone with frost storm. So you are saying classes that have a literal 1 button press = you are dead are less worse then a Warlock using a whole combo? Sheesh never knew using more than 1 button for a kill is worse then pushing only 1 button. Warlock can hide behind Thrall is also funny because that only works on plebs. You can easy just aoe Thrall or if you happen to be a single target well you can even use thrall as bait and kill him from far away. (Or even get counter/evasion stack from thrall) Thrall can Q while we are cc. Yes he can and it will disrupt your combo. But we cannot use that cc to start ours. Unlike a cat that can combo you while opponent is fully cc. @Naramnarana So if Warlock is soo good and strong how the hell the 1v1 top 100 player has 3 Warlocks in them 2 being Yisuni and 1 is Saeuri. So the only the 2 best Warlocks made it to top 100 and only 1 is in top 10. Guess we all just so op we don't PvP? Also KD is our worst cc since only Thrall can lift off a KD.
  6. Not Loading, Crashes and Spikes

    I hope the unreal 4 will be a big change. If Unreal 4 will not help performance of the game then I think NA and EU servers will die. It is atrocious how I can crash constantly and next day no crash at all. Hope when UR4 happens NCWest will ensure patches aren't a buggy mess where F5 doesn't work or announced stuff just didn't happen.
  7. Why such high ap/gear req?

    @CheesecakeAssassin Some of it is about speed but the issue arose from something different. Back when our elements could be mixed and matched F8 asked for about 50 ap more then what game recommended. Mostly People looked at gear rather than Ap itself. (There were always some Hurr Durr only max Ap hurr Durr people). Like @Vyd and @Lyn Thunderfox mentioned AP is not everything. But today I tend to follow AP more then gear. The reason behind that is really really simple. Trove. This "event" alone broke AP requirement to a ridiculous level. How? Simple. If you go back when Twilight Temple aka TT released Boss 3 and Boss 4. At the very same day Trove event came out. You were able to get Dynasty?Aranssu Badge, Sealed/Unsealed Aransu weapon Material, Hive Queen Wings/Hearts and Grand Celestial Wings. (And Gems + Necklace items). So what is wrong with it? EVERYTHING. This basically opened the door to brand new 1 week old players a possibility to have Aransu 9, Max VT necklace, VT Badge, VT SS 1-4 without even stepping 1 foot in any dungeon. Now add some gilded gems that can boost you 30-50 ap. So what do we have left as indicator someone is not a Trove warrior?? His word? Don't give me that bullshit. Back then people looked who had VT SS 5-6-7-8. Of course today you can get that with clearing Boss 1 and 2 and to be honest they are both Push-Overs. The second issue is the constant mech nerf we get patch after patch. It is funny how Ransack Treasury is still one of the least liked dungeon for pugging. Because Amara doesn't give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and still causes wipes. They nerf ST so hard that you can braindead dps both bosses so people rather pug that one because no skill required. I did 4 man dungeons and had 50-100 ap more then 6 man requirements back then. Sure I got kicked because in some party my AP wasn't enough but I did get lots of runs. And back then 4 man was a hell hole. 1 mistake on DT = wipe. No rez charm cheese could help you. If your dps was insane back then you were only able to push mechs. So what did create this whole fiasco? 1) Easy access to endgame gear/content without even playing the game. 2) Removal of mechs = People never bother to even learn mechs = High Ap wanted for High DPS. And If you guys don't believe me then just look what people ask in Faction chat when a cash boosting event pops up. I saw constant raven 3 with gilded gem people (I even looked at their alts making sure it was their main) demanding (YES DEMANDING) for certain dungeon carries. And you know what happens when I explain to them they are not geared enough or should focus on other items first to help them? Insults and getting blocked. So if one day new players would actually learn mechs or even try to learn them. Some people will allow lower Ap. Until then, people will prefer to eliminate 80% of game population (Because it's impossible to know who is an idiot and who knows mech) to save themselves from wipes that could have been easy avoided.
  8. F2 STILL not fixed

    I am sorry to inform you that IF they are testing the newly changed/added content then it is poorly tested. The biggest offender would be Iron Conqueror and Hive Queen. May 08: Eternal Night update features Iron Conqueror no longer inflicting knockback on his spin attack. Well it still does but instead we got a halfway removed Bug Bomb from Hive Queen instead??? That the knockback is not removed could have been easy tested. That Hive Queen also became buggy I can understand somewhat since she wasn't part of any huge change. (Her dot got nerfed) May 08 update notes September 12: Features lot's of changes. Granite titan does not enrage if someone gets all 5 hits. (They removed stack instead Normal Mode AND Hard mode making Hardmode impossible without Rez charm cheese) Starstone Mine Volberus earthquake knockdown removed. As far as I know I still get knockdown. September 12 update I am not implying their job is easy as pie. But I am implying that they are kinda not doing a lot of testing/debugging. If they actually would test and debug beforehand on their test server then something would have been mentioned. Or at least postpone that one or two dungeon change in order to correctly implement your desired change. Mishaps happens. But here it is more then a few. It is a lot: One trove had no Gems in it's arsenal but they did give us a really good compensation. When the whole DDOS happened and Devs did not give us any answer people went to GW2 forums to get info. (Yes GW2 helped us learn about BnS issues). The whole Radiant Energy into Gem Powder fiasco. Hardmode EC,DT,NF are supposed to be available in open world (Still impossible to enter). It is just getting frustrating after a while. And this gets worse when rumors say that there was a meeting And Wildstar + Blade and Soul were the main talked subjects. One of them saying that US and EU have a "performance" drop of about 30% and 44% respectively, etc. Don't know about you but if thiss is true then i fear about BnS survival and well hope the dev team get their ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ fixed.
  9. Sooo looking at past posts I only see 0 replies meaning they either got ignored or just don't care? Alright here is the issue> April 2018: Windows makes a new update and lots of people cannot play 64 bit anymore. I happen to be a lucky winner of being able to play 64 bit BUT I keep crashing. The crashes were frequent at certain maps increased the odds. (Mushins Tower, Hollows heart, Koldrak, etc.) After a while (kinda August) I decided to reformat my whole PC. I formatted all partitions and reinstalled whole thing. I download Blade and Soul aaaaaaaaaand 64bit doesn't work. Doesn't even reach Xigncode. I put my email and password and it just shuts down. So after some searching I try using it in compatibility mode. And poof it works!!! Well kinda. My standing still fps is 30 frames (previous was 120) and when I fight its a constant 10 fps. Things I tried: All the forums post about changing your graphics card settings and the whole priority settings as well. I made sure everything is updated and on the latest update (Monster Hunter World runs smooth at max graphic) I have a GTX 1070 and was looking if it was running right (UserBenchmark) and no issues I even send a ticket to support and after long back and forth they told me they cannot solve it and I should go seek a computer tech (wtf??) So at this point I decided to switch 32 bit until it fixes itself because well support said first all windows issues are fixed and then after troubleshooting they said they can't help me (what option is there left) Issue being, 32 bit is also crashing like crazy. I missed a dozen dungeon loots because I crash in the last 15% of a Boss, crashed even during a Raid and crashes here and there during Koldrak. I wouldn't mind crashing in Mushin's Tower (shouldn't happen but would be fine) but now the crashes are actually affecting my loot/reward/progress. Sure with 1317 AP I do not have an issue in finding parties for any dungeons. but when you crash during a EL Hardmode where those extremly rare pellet can drop then I am getting tilted. Those items are not something you can just get in the next run it can take forever to even see one. I hope people with similar issues can comment what issues they have or if they found maybe a solution if they can share it. (I tried lots of solution but still willing to try). And please GM's for the love of god, don't type "You should sent a ticket to support". it has already been done. Thank you
  10. Let's talk about Attack Power in 2018

    This whole AP ordeal started all the way back when first Trove appeared. Back then before trove even existed in order to have high AP you needed to grind . . . grind A lot. Only way to get gem back then were events. Sacred oil for a long time didn't even appear in events. The current issue is how strong Trove has become. This current Summer Trove had everything a person needed to go from brand new character to level 55 HM 14 with Aransu 9 weapon, max gilded, Stage 10 BT/VT accessories, max VT soulshields, True Cosmic Soul, Pretty high up Heart,etc. It has gotten so bad that I saw people with 1200+ Ap and not even knowing their rotation. It is not normal a Full VT geared Blade Master cannot even keep aggro (Yes he had Thread specs + the 100% thread) vs a Warlock. Since we cannot look at peoples knowledge or capabilities all we do is ask ridiculous amount of AP so we can rule out most of those Trove Warriors and if we happen to get one we can hope that this boosted monkey will do good dps (still ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ in comparison of what he is supposed to do) If you want to limit the AP requirements then let people link achievements. Sounds stupid but all achievements have a time stamp + we can see how many clears you got. If you have like 34 clear and the timestamp of your first clear is withing the first 2 weeks of the new dungeon release. I can fairly assume you know mechs (still not foolproof tho). But if your first clear is like yesterday and I see you with gilded gems and no other char then yeah I will kick your Trove ass out. If you want to blame something then blame the OP P2W boost. People are now TT ready (which is endgame raid!!!!!) without even clearing a BT or VT in their life.
  11. In urgent need of help!

    Currently having the same issue. here is the approach i got told from support. (Will skip some meh ideas) 1) Use compatibility and choose windows 7. If it works but your fps are locked at 30 and just wont go higher for no reason then you are ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed (My issue right now). 2) If previous thing didn't work then try using 32 bit. For some reason 32 bit isn't affected by windows update
  12. Fix warlocks in pvp

    Thrall has weird hitboxes so dunno why he cannot hit any target with movement speed. I spared with a friend before and he actually managed to avoid Q with some diagonal inputs. (Happens max 3 times so really not sure what happened there). Basically when I press Q the Thrall will go on were you are at the moment I press Q not at your current position. This can easily be seen when your opponent uses any approach skill. While you are at my face my thrall will attack at your initial position. And yes we will have another reset once you tabbed out. But we will be more linear (no leech option). So let's say for Blade Master you just have to time a good Shoulder Charge on my imprison and you are gucci. Everything else cannot break your block (except soul shackle but means no aerial). Yes if we use Bastion several times we will get healed 5% each time but something like Q -> lmb -> E -> lmb -> approach liftoff will get us off guard and punish us while cutting our huge momentum. Lastly about that 1 second. This game has a huge targeting lag. I see blade Dancer turn around 180 degree facing away from me and press their approach skill and it goes off. (It automatically put them facing me and triggers it). Also when I cast Sanctum this isn't so bad but when I enter it because I was out of it people often cc me while I have buff just from lingering Target. Sure 6v6 is a whole different league but let's be honest. Was it the Warlock that killed you or the gunner next to him that Rmb + F your ass while you were up there? Also currently when I team up for 6v6 or doing Clan battles I am the highest geared and do way more damage but the reason why my damage is so absurd is that almost everyone around me does aerials so I can abuse my Rmb + 4 combo. It is not even me using aerials it's people around me! Also what makes me cringe the most is that certain classes can have badge with 1 shoit options but my aerial is too much? Whut? Seriously? I think what pisses off Warlocks the most is how people cry for nerfs on us but accept the fact that a Soul Fighter can increase their HP pool by 50% for a whopping 30 seconds and if you did not do more then 50% damage your total damage is just gone. That is fine. But casting 3 Bastions for 15% is too much. BD 15% HP regen on Guardian Tempest is fine but 3 Bastions that requires Time Distortion that is too much. Having a 100-0 combo that you can break out of it with tab escape and running away is too much but KFM and SIN perma CC chain is perfectly fine? Also last thing to mention is, we got some nerfs already and aren't even top PvP yet we will get another nerf because apparently using aerial in 3v3 is too OP. Sure opponents are forced to tab in and use Party iframes. But ummmm, what about Sin/KFM perma CC chain? Don't need to intervene there? What about a sweet BD using restrain grab? No issues there? Apparently not since they aren't even considering those to be issues. We had our time of being stupidly Overpowered and it was right to tone us down but now it feels like people want us to be even lower then 1v1 Gunners. The tournament rejects.
  13. Fix warlocks in pvp

    If you want to escape from 3 stuns within 10 seconds we need our escape to either make us land on edge of TD so when we use it again we move back but still inside TD. Or We use one TD so we move back again into TD. And other method is having a wall prevent us from going backwards hence sitting in our TD. Sure Void Walk can be used but it cancels out TD if Thrall was using TD and well still has no iframes. That 9 second aerial that can hit knockdown is RNG. It saddens me to inform you that it is more hurtful then beneficial. While yes of course an instant lift from a Parry or a Knockdown is strong ... really strong. Thrall will most likely use it when your CC runs out (Makes you see the lift off animation but enemy is just on ground and doesn't give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤) or he will cast right before yours (both animation are used at same time). The issue is if Thrall used his a couple frames before you did, then soul shackle will double lift. (Thrall lift counts as first and yours count as second) so your second cast does absolutely nothing. This can even been seen in tournaments where Warlock downright refuse to use that skill because it has more chances to mess up your only combo. That 1 second is enough to apply an aerial and during aerial we do not get Sanctum buff (Usually what KFM uses to counter our Sanctum) The issue is while yes the idea of not being able to do anything while in the air and the fact that we do not need to blow your escape skill to abuse this lockdown is just a stupid powerful idea. The fact that we got so little approach makes it bad. If you get aerial and Warlock uses TD to do a full aerial again he has to CC you again and you can tab that one. once you tabbed a simple ss will gives you space and movement speed rendering Thrall Q useless (Yes it miss when targets have movement speed). In term of classes I think Blade Master have the hardest time to do that. Everyone else can get away from TD super easy and then you are on the offensive since Warlock might have all his skills back (except Sanctum, Void Walk, Thrall Summon, Leech) but we ain't best at approaching neither. Also TD resets skills 3 times within like 3 sec since first 2 second of TD actually does nothing (just some animation) and double casting bastion does not reset your hit counts meaning if I got hit 4 times and keep recasting bastion you still need 1 hit to remove it (This even mess me up during PvE gameplay) So yes we have a pretty busted mechanic idea (<-- emphasis on idea since this isn't something you can just pull out like that), our OP concept is harder to pull off then simple non OP concept that feel very wrong to me. Aka Sin/KFM permanent cc chain that turns into 100-0 combo. a Blade Dancer being able to phantom grab at any random moment so he can stall out and abuse more Iframes. Summoner cat that can start/extend combos while they themselves are cc'ed. Force Master wallbang that cannot even be escaped (Ping dependent but so is our inescapable Leech + Onrush liftoff)
  14. Fix warlocks in pvp

    I think this needs some proper addressing since like 90% of complaints don't even read our skills. Sanctum: Anti CC -> 45 second cooldown -> Can be targeted, can be pushed, grabbed or aerialed (KFM jump attack) Anti targeting -> 1 minute cooldown -> If fast enough can grab out of it, no cc resist at all so pull and push working (unless you hit block of course). Any type of Sanctum CANNOT BE RESETED. All hongmoon variants last 10 seconds else it is 6 seconds! Oh side note. If you go back into Sanctum you are not guaranteed to get your target immunity right away since Sanctum provides you with a 1 second buff that gets reapplied. Hence if you push me out and I walk in there are time you can still get me. Also summoning Thrall will allow you to even attack Thrall since for a few frames he will not have the buff. And to finish off Sanctum. if during those few frames you use an aerial, well sanctum is not applied on an airborne target. Second Wind: User resist status and damage during use and 0.5 sec after. Gives user 3 second of anti targeting. Anti targeting is gone as soon a skill is cast. Can be reseted Void Walk: Switch places with Thrall. Has 0 iframe properties. Cannot be reseted. Alright so lets break them down. Sanctum as previously stated Can easy be dealt with by most classes. Current class that struggles most against Sanctum are Gunners and Warlocks (lol). Um You know it is damn impossible to block Flock of Blades if the BM is inside you. Only thing you can do is pretty much turn your camera wildly and block. Sure you can stand in a corner but then BM just has to move away and Warlock won't pursue. Our block has long been changed so we cannot just press Block and our character stop his walking animation to go into frame 1 block. So even if I try to move away to position myself so I could block your FoB you can just cast it during my walking. Also funny you mention Blade Master because Warding Spirit is a 10 sec 100% counter for us. This is basically a Sanctum version 10x better. Of course this cannot be cast randomly sure but during those 10 seconds you can nullify almost all our attacks. (Soul Shackle, Imprison, Wingstorm and Helix are not blocked). However Helix needs 3 spectral orb that only Wingstorm would provide in that situation so yeah our dps is just gone. Also a good counter for a BM if they cannot use FoB is Lunar Slash into random Dragontongues. Then you sway left and right and still will hurt us. (To be honest those hitsboxes sometimes are weird) Second Wind: Pretty easy to explain. Has no cc property (so 0 pressure applied when using it). Sure moves you backwards but a lot of classes have approach cc or range cc. The 3 second anti targeting has no CC protection AND it cannot even last for a Thrall summoning. YES summoning Thrall is BAD. You can easy cc us during our summoning animation since you will gain target. (Had BM rush to me, stun me with it and no Thrall popped. So definitely could target) Void Walk: Man oh Man this skill is what everyone uses as OP 3rd escape. To clear this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Unable to reset cooldowns. Whopping 90 seconds of cooldown. So as you should probably know, it is rare to see 2 Time Distortions in a single match. Well Void Walk has same cooldown. (Guess still too OP) Now here is best part of Void Walk. If Thrall is close for any reason and I use Void Walk. During the split second animation and after the animation I get a massive 0 Iframe. Not one single immunity. The only thing it does is removing root ... FANTANSTIC. I had Blade Master use Soaring Falcon when I used it and the blade did a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing 180 and grabbed me and pulled me in his face. Blade Dancer can use the 5 hit attack and if you aren't far enough it will still alternate between Thrall and your new place. But hey I guess a 0 Iframe, 0 cc, 0 damage 90 second non reset able Thrall switch is the most OP escape in existence. So that being said if you count TD we got 3 "escapes" 2 of them really are escapes and Void Walk. But don't forget like I mentioned before we kinda need Time Distortion for our offensive pressure so using it to reset escape is basically a death sentence since we cannot time out 90 seconds of cooldown. PS: Assassins have 45 seconds on Lotus of Escape giving them same amount of escapes then Warlock during a 90 second period. But since lotus of Escape has iframes I guess Void Walk still better :^)
  15. Yup confronted him and was probably due to timer. Sorry about all this (Next time will ask 5 time)