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  1. Lyn Warden would be awesome but yeah, it doesn't suit the race. But who cares, it's an great class with (in my opinion of course) the best race! :3
  2. Thank god because there's so way i can get that much money before Trove ends. Will it be all the cosmetics or just the ones no one likes/really wants? 'Cause i really want the Dark Emissary + wings to eventually be in daily specials or something <3
  3. We need Silver Dragon ASAP (NCsoft, you better be taking notes here, you'll be making some great mun muns)
  4. I don't think we'll be getting any of the Hello Kitty outfits due to copyright claims but we're all still hoping they'll one day appear :')
  5. Ok, so i've thought this for a long time now. There aren't many hairstyles for Lyn males compared to every other gender and race, let alone any good ones. I've found myself using the same 2 bc the others either look weird af on my chars or are poorly made (pixel-y). I want more options when it comes to hairstyles for the male Lyn. Some hairstyles that are available for male Jin or Gon will look silly on the Lyn but I just want a few more. Yes i know we got some more on for the Lyn Gunslinger patch but it's a struggle trying to make my Lyn that way, they just don't really suit Lyn.
  6. Lately, I keep disconnecting due to "unauthorized client" or something like that. (It also just randomly disconnects without the notice, i'll be doing a dun or leveling, doing fine without any lag then randomly disconnects...) I don't mod or mess with the files. So, whats causing this..? Is my computer just being a butt??
  7. This would be awesome to see in-game and maybe one day (possibly years) we might get it. One can only dream tho.
  8. I'd assume they are just like hardened ears but it would make sense if they were deaf since they are not really ears. Its possible that the Lyn's 'ears' are just there because maybe they evolved from normal animals, so they would have the ears + tail of that animal and be able to hear due to some sort of ear like thing inside their head. But remember, its just a theory. A LYN THEORY xD
  9. So, no one has had the exact same opinion or correct facts on this. I don't like PvP (because i'm not good at it xD) so i mainly do PvE (dungeons, ect) I'm currently leveling a Warlock but i'm kinda confused on which element i should focus on. Ice apparently does more dmg but is slower and Shadow does less dmg but its faster. So all in all, which is better PvE wise?? If in preference, i do love the Shadow element due to how fast paced it is but i enjoy the ice build too because its simple and does more dmg. Tbh, I don't think my summoner does as much dmg as other
  10. I know how trans people work/think but whatever lol. Yes, you are most likely correct that a m2f would indeed use a fem char (there might be a person or two that doesn't, dunno) I know a lot about how different gendered ppl are. Tho, femboys and crossdressers are males in dresses/skirts. (I hate online arguments and thus we'll leave it there xD) (Have a nice day c:)
  11. The 'After School Special' is one of the most "Ah! My eyes! WTF" outfits on BnS. Why do people think this..? Its just an outfit. People who are genderfluid or trans or anything like that, would love their male char wearing a skirt. I love feminine boys. Their so cute. So adding an outfit like this is a good thing. Why do people hate on it tho??? Just don't buy it or look at it and your good. There's no need to hate on something because you don't like it. You'll 100% offend somebody. Its so stupid. Ugh. Anyway, what do you think about the feminine outfits for
  12. Quick question (Because I'm so bad at decisions xD) Should I make my Blade Dancer a male or female? Cute or badass? Thank you~
  13. I too, am waiting for these. I don't really play Jin or Yun Gunner because I'm a 'Lyn only' kind of person. The ears + tail and hairstyles are SUPER cute <3 It'll sadly take a few months (at least) to put them in the NA/EU version though. Its been about 2 months and we've heard almost no news about this. Oh well, we can only pray we get them soon :3
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