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  1. This is exactly my problem, just different native resolutions. The game doesn't actually change the resolution when you change it in the menu, it just changes the size of the window (if you are windowed, otherwise nothing happens).
  2. For me the most game breaking bug is that you can no longer change resolution and it's always windowed fullscreen even when you Alt+Enter from windowed. Also you can tell the resolution is not changing cause, when you are in windowed mode, only the window size changes but the game and all the interfaces stay your native resolution (so 1920x1080 in my case) so if you change to 720p for example, you have small window and in it you see just middle of the screen of 1080p and can't see nothing on the edges and stuff. And in windowed fullscreen on 1080p it is unplayable for me sadly, would be nice i
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