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  1. Gunner passive bug

    @Baskerville I would like to get a response if you are aware of this. Best Regards
  2. Gunner passive bug

    The gunner passive has been broken since it got the update where it added 3% AP each passive stack. So first the passive: Visual display when active: (should be + 3% AP not + 3 AP) Then I tried without any notable gear so my base stats were: (533AP and 533 Boss AP) So with active passive I shoud have: when 1 stack = 549 AP and 609 Boss AP; when 2 stacks = 565 AP and 685 Boss AP; when 3 stacks = 581 AP and 761 Boss AP. My results were: -with 1 stack: which is 3 AP and 3 Boss AP less than it should be. -with 2 stacks: which is 5 AP and 5 Boss AP less than it should be. -with 3 stacks: which is 8 AP and 8 Boss AP less than it should be. So as you can see no test is matching what it should be. It´s only getting worse the more gear you have and the more items you have that can proc as example the GC weapon. (also as a NOTE: I calculated the results by adding 3% 6% and 9% to the base stats depending on stacks and NOT 3%; then 3% to the result from adding 3% and so on.) If I forgot anything or if there is a question please let me know.