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  1. Is there a possibility they'll add old weapon skins from old rng boxes, Rosethorn, Ninja Tortoise, etc. Illusion Weapons. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like this.
  2. Redirect me too please, because at this point you guys aren't being transparent at all. And it's causing issues with the game for everyone.
  3. Wayfarer / Kitsune / Elementary
  4. All i wanted is using Dyed Triangulars, but now they will remove it from transmute to force us to upgrade our gems..... The gem system will become a race against the patch. This is just ridiculous.
  5. the game is dying since true cosmic soul release, i bet a merge is coming soon
  6. same, no one official announcement or anything
  7. Anyone knows the reason for this? I couldn't find any official announcements(good job ncsoft). I just bought the NCoins needed and when i tried to use this service, is just unavaliable.....
  8. i honestly expect something like this from non-100% chance items from blade & soul boxes
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