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  1. Outfits in f10

    Wayfarer / Kitsune / Elementary
  2. All i wanted is using Dyed Triangulars, but now they will remove it from transmute to force us to upgrade our gems..... The gem system will become a race against the patch. This is just ridiculous.
  3. SCAM with Silver Saberfang Chest

    ncwest being ncwest
  4. Merry Christmas Blade & Soul ??

    the game is dying since true cosmic soul release, i bet a merge is coming soon
  5. Server Transfer Question?

    same, no one official announcement or anything
  6. Anyone knows the reason for this? I couldn't find any official announcements(good job ncsoft). I just bought the NCoins needed and when i tried to use this service, is just unavaliable.....
  7. Evolved Stone Availability

    i honestly expect something like this from non-100% chance items from blade & soul boxes
  8. New leveling, ONLY yellows now?

    same to me, and i got stuck again in 19 while yellow was 20