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  1. Random Number Generator

    rng. everyones immortal enemy.
  2. Gunslinger Class

    /tired As long as it is released this year and not in 2018/2019 I'm good.
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Look how adorable she is.
  4. Going against the community rules

    They can't come up with a solution to those exploits?... e_e or are they just too friggin lazy?
  5. How to change race on destroyer ?

    Yeah you can't change the race because only Gon race can be Destroyers.
  6. Gunslinger Class

    You can read OP, but you didn't even bother to read the Producers letter regarding gunslingers release later THIS year. You should probably not reply to forums posts until you've done your research.
  7. Show off your characters!!

    Thanks Laoshottie :D. I think I spent an hour trying to get this specific pose. So hot. <3 /spank

    I'm seeing some abnormal behavior too one of them being the 100% cpu usage for dual core processors. Dual Core processors whilst running this game have always stayed in the low 60%, secondly the memory. 75% is also being utilized by the game alone. Quitting the game brings my cpu usage back to 0% and will sometimes hop to 4-7% because background processes. as for memory it rests at 30% if not higher since, again, background services/processes. Do note: Before the update this particular occurrence has never been a problem. All that said I'm also seeing what Hydralisk is seeing. Conspiracy theory time :D If those guys think high quality picture makes the game better they're wrong. It's not even essential. The only reason that Blade and Soul should ever have high quality graphics is if they're making a friggin movie out of it. Look at Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and it's game. Do you know what I am sayin' brother/sister? I don't know if NCSoft is actually wanting our money or they are getting paid by companies who are pushing them to upgrade the game in such a way that we are forced to buy new hardware/software just to play games published/dev'd by ncsoft. I win \(^o^)/
  9. 12/04 Maintenance delayed for 1hour

    /tears stop it! my mental health cant take much more! /tears
  10. For those who don't have FPs issue. Your CPU ?

    Get a load of this, guys: CPU: Intel core 2 duo @3.0ghz GPU: nVidia Geforce 8600 GTS