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  1. 07/24/2019 [Bugged] No credit for weekly rewards

    @Amraith Hi, Can you guys please add "Dread Challenger's Orb Fragment" to F10 for this week? With the weekly rewards bugged, there is nowhere to get them. So no one will be able to do challenge mode this week.
  2. Arena/BG times...

    The concept of limiting the entering time is good, however, the time needs to be changed. 1v1 time shouldn't be limited since people spar each other or climb at late night for better ping. 3v3 time should be maybe 19:00-> 02:00 so both west and east coast people can get some games. (good change tho, good luck to those wintraders) battlegrounds should be 18:00 -> 03:00 or 04:00, same reason as above so both west and east can get enough time to play. 1am server time is like 10pm for west coast. Most ppl from west may just finish their dinner or some of them even just finish working, so 1am server time makes no sense. All the time I stated were EST, so for server time should -1?
  3. Releasing awaken patch is a good way to get players to return to the game, but with the level 120 fame system, pet/outfit collection, I can already see those return players leaving again. With this way too high price for the brain/talisman, the population will only get lower. I am max gear sitting on 20k gold and 30k hongmoon coin, even with these it will be hard for me to max brain/talisman. Not gonna say anything about the pointless argument between"F2P" and "P2W", but please consider the game population and keep the game alive, so you guys can keep profiting from the game and we can keep playing with a non-dead amount of population. The stream you guys did yesterday gave us hope and motivation to keep supporting you guys, but this talisman's price really needs to be modified. We can't keep paying when there's not enough people keep playing you know.