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  1. Orange quests

    Hello, I'm also experiencing the same thing. If you can friends me in-game and let me know when you wanna do those raids. I live in the us on central pacific time. I'm usually on Saturday, Sunday, Monday nights after 9 pm. Character names: Dragonkalesshi, or hel starkson.
  2. Character Name: Hel Starkson Server: Yura/ NA Short description: Kung-fu Master giving his girlfriend a cozy piggy-back ride by moonlight.
  3. To Arohk, that’s a bit harsh to say. So if I was level 45 by the start of the event you expect me to become level 55 within a forth night? Some people have life obligations not connected to the game. Making the rewards exclusive only to leve 55 characters is not celebrating for everyone within the game. Some people just started the game, others maybe in the middle of it. The development team just completely ignored that and made it impossible for anyone under level 55 to participate. It’s not a matter of wanting to, we were simply excluded by on level.