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  1. I don't think I can edit but I fixed a minor spot nobody but me probably even noticed, here is the updated file: Direct link:https://i.imgur.com/YplQsKc.jpg
  2. Character Name: Palavar Server: Yura (NA) Short description: The scythe of the warlock cuts through space and time, revealing the interwoven destinies of heroes and villains throughout the realms. My tribute to my favorite class as a new specialization awaits on the horizon, and the others who have been with me along the way. Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/kIs6fZ3.jpg
  3. Yeah, I also work in a tech support job with a ticket system and having massive amounts of unclosed tickets just looks bad - sometimes there are set KPOs for workers and teams where they can get into serious trouble/get fired if they haven't closed a certain amount of tickets, or if they leave a lot of tickets sitting open for a long period of time. Some systems don't really account for the amount of times people reply back - even if there are circumstances that delay the resolution of the issue, all the system sees is that the ticket has been open for several weeks, and that looks
  4. F2 of my WL, BD and assassin Lemon - your watercolors look gorgeous!
  5. If you want to take away outfits obtained after the exploit, fine. But if you can't do it without also removing legitimate items that people paid real money for then maybe you shouldn't do it. Was there supposed to be some kind of date check on this to see if the costumes were obtained after the exploit? If so it clearly didn't work - I had my Oracle taken away that I got from boxes purchased with the original Moontide tokens, my Crimson Butterfly that I've had for well over a year (I don't even remember which box it was originally from), and my Rosethorn that was gifted to me by a friend for
  6. Ticket #: 23598196 Character: Palavar Server: Yura All of these outfits were obtained legitimately before the bug happened or at least before knowledge of it was widespread, but were removed from my account regardless: 1x Oracle (obtained from boxes I purchased with real money during the original Moontide box event) 1x Crimson Butterfly (also obtained legitimately from boxes before the exploit) 1x Rosethorn (purchased for me by a friend, who bought it at full price on F5 marketplace before the exploit, and sent it to me as a birthday gift).
  7. Character Name: Wigo Server: Yura Short description of the loading screen: That hat cost Wigo 100 Windrest seeds! Will Nora catch it? Always ensure all clothing and accessories are secured before windwalking in high places!
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