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  1. When i try to craft any kind of token this message shows up in chat "Refining of Hongmoon Coins is not available because previously refined Hongmoon coins have not been acquired. Try again later." again :] not solved for years. How can it be?
  2. Crafting Hongmoon Coins

    12.06.2019 still not repaired !!!
  3. Additional points in Martial Tome

    I have only 5 but thank you.
  4. Warden class. How to get extra points (60 lvl)? They should appear in the tab "points remaining" The K key, not P.
  5. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    ... So p2w :p
  6. Story and what's next

    Thanks I will try to adapt.
  7. I finished the story. I'm not interested in pvp and I do not have a gear for raid. What can you do here? ps. If I'm to grind half a year on gear. I'd like to thank you right away ... for playing. ps2. sorry for my English is here what to do solo?
  8. Pinchy is the worst Field Boss.

    Will anyone fix it? 2 days over 100 trials and 0 #%^%$$!! sp. I lost the desire to play