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  1. On 5/13/2017 at 3:16 PM, Kisagii said:

    Seems balenced to me, and also for WLs they will get their helix and rmb nerfed so there will no longer be 1-2 aerials to kill.


    All classes has a way to kill within seconds. If you have your combo right you can win as fast as a WL can on a FM and same for des. Each class has their strengths and weaknesses all you have to do is get good.

    Yes every class can kill in a single combo, but if the target does not have tab. But the wl can kill you even if u have ur tab out of cd cuz u cant tab the air combo 

  2. 34 minutes ago, Naisui said:



    I guess you didn't really read what me or others wrote to you, sigh.

    Okay enjoy your trash-talks then guys, I'm out.


    But before I go, little "tip" how "perma" skills works: https://bnstree.com/



    Well well, you are so touchy.

    Yes ive wrote everything that every1 said so far, and for your information i know how perma stealth works.

    There are at least 5 ways for a sin to go in stealth, thats more than enough for it to be in perma stealth actually. Also please be so kind and tell me that you have never hit into hes Q iframe, hes wood block or hes straw doll not even once, please tell me that so i can laugh till i die. 

  3. Yeah i gave it a try, and i became gold in 2 hours with summ lvl 36, 3 hours with wl lvl 45, 2 hours with sin lvl 28, 3 days with sf hm6 without hm skills, 2 weeks with fm with all hm skills, 3 days with bm without any hm skills.

    So, hell yeah the OP classes are shown.  

    On the other side, im not saying that summs/scumms are OP in higher gold ladder (if u dont have in mind KellyQQ and few else, that are just IMMORTAL) but they are sooo annoying in the lower gold and silver, a lot of my friends are not enjoying the arena cuz of the thousands of ppl spamming the arena with summoners low lvl and killing every other class and ur fun. 


    In answer to few more of your thoughts:

    The bd is not annoying and OPed cuz of hes Q/E but because of all of hes resist skills (hm block, spin stun etc..) + dmg and endless air combos

    Sin can chase you any time with cc, and u dont have a seconds chance (as you have seconds chance with almost every other class, bds and destros are exception) because of hes net grounding you, where he can start hes endless combo.  By second chance i mean the skills on ur buttons 1 and 2 when u are kdèd or dazed .

    Summs ? Wtf dude, why does he needs to lockdown you? He can just spam bees and the cat cc you all the time, heals himself and thats enough to kill every average player in the arena.


    Perma block - BM, KFM, WL, FM

    SPIN - DES, BD

    Sin - perma stealth is even better then block

    Summ - he does not even needs block with all of hes heal, resists, and countless escapes of lockdown.

  4. 4 hours ago, Naisui said:

    Amarantha Hime - Why you didn't write about how OP is for example FM?

    Literally class which can play even more on time than sin (15 sec bubble granting projectiles resist + healing over time and while resisting), 10 sec Statue which also heals and other freezing skills for self or to freeze opponents... and in this way Waiting for cooldowns and healing at same time.

    Why you don't mention FM? Class which can literally spam almost endless stun to finally kill you in aerial combo?

    Why don't you write about his 24 sec cooldown grab which is way too often, forcing opponent to use escape skill (which cd is at least 12 sec longer) - because otherwise FM can again easly spam his stunlock-dps combo followed with pushbacks (let the God have mercy to the one pushed to the wall in this way).
    And yet, FM cool grab is range attack... which can ignore projectiles resistance. :)))


    Why you didn't write that once someone attack FM - he is instant freezed to the ground, so even if he use Daze or KD he most likely can't follow cc - but is PUNISHED, for catching FM in his opening. Being punished for trying deal any dmg? Being punished for punishing FM who was inattentive? REALLY...???


    Why you don't write that this class is either carried by using it's bugs: for example with desynchronization / jumping, letting him still move, even when he is stunned.. or a wall bug which does not allow opponent use ANY deffensive skill?



    Well, allow me to explain why FM isn't mentioned in your thread as "OP and Annoying Class":

    Everything clear now ladies n gentlemen? ;)
    So... how about: Gid gud and stop complaining?
    Every class have own "op mechanics" and for sure, FM isn't exception here. Glad you set forum nick as your in-game one btw.
    If you losing to like half classes it means you just simply lack on skills and of knowledge about classes in pvp.


    Of course, every class have own most hated opposite class (for ex. for KFM worst is SIN, for SIN worst is Destro, for Destro... WL I think?), but that doesn't mean they have to lose like half (if not all in your opnion^) of their utilities...




    For you op are these classes.
    For me op is for example BM, who can easly kill while 1-2 cc, or FM which can kill you "once, that burns ur tab" (also your words^^) or play on time + heal at same time.


    Yea, I want balance too. FM for sure should be the first one being balanced, nerfed.. and not allowing him win cause of bugs abuse.


    You know FM have 2 escapes?^^



    Hello Naisui, i see you have checked my profile, looks cool nah ? 

    So let me first say, that i have not logged to my FM since the revamp. I have played it for a long time, and it was a real journey to bring that class in the gold ladder. Indeed its stronger now, but still, it stays in the lower ranks in the pvp ladder, mb because its a hard to master class, needs a lot of precision and low ping so you can be a good one. I am currently playing another class and i have come across fms, they are actually easy to beat and easy to be catched off guard. If you want me to be honest, i left the game for about 2 months because of this class before the revamp, after that patch i have logged once with it. 

    So basically - yes its a stronger from before class, but it still can not be considered OP.

  5. Where is the balance in summoner class ? Where is the balance in assassin class ? Where is the balance in warlock class ? Where is the balance in BD class ?

    Why those questions ? Well, let me explain it one by one.



    Summoner - locked in a combo ? IMPOSSIBLE ! few escapes + all the cat ccs can interrupt any good combo against them, that means u are out of ur best shoot for 40-60 seconds, but the summoner is again full of hp and breaking ur ass ... 


    How OP this class is ?

    I introduced the game to a friend of mine, he played like 2 days - made hes char to lvl 18 and on the 3rd day, he joined the arena, without any knowledge of hes class or of the class of hes opponents. He made it to gold in 3 hours I did that with my fm after a months of playing the game and with a good data base of the other classes (few of them played personally) Well thats annoying + what about the ppl just joining the arena ? The arena is full of summoners low lvl that are breaking asses in the silver and lower gold ladder and thats really just horrible for the regular ppl with regular classes like sf for example who can barely make it to gold ( im not talking for the best sfs in the server ). 

    Advice for balance:

    Make the cat uncontrollable when the summoner is cc`ed. That way there will be same chance for either the summoner and hes opponent to win the match. It is just stupid one of the opponents to have unlimited escapes and the other guy has 1 or in the best case 2.



    Assassin - Another annoying class that can stealth the whole time they are in the arena. Okay lets forget about the noobs that does their best combos and run alway in stealth and wait for their skills to be reused. Lets talk about the once, that burns ur tab (lets be honest, if you dont tab in a particular moment you are dead) so your tab is burned and its in cd, the annoying assassin is in stealth and u do few shots that he resists or u just miss him,  in one moment u are knocked down, no problem for any class u can hit the buttons 1 or 2 you think ? But nop, u are in a net and u cant move so here follows the stun and a brutal combo resulting in your death. So basically - You have only one escape, and if it is burned = bb.


    How OP this class is ?

    All of you know the answer to that. Class that can literally stealth all the time and wait for hes skills to be reused.... you answer that...

    Advice for balance:

    Sins has always been annoying but come on, at least remove that  net or make it 1 minute cooldown, so you have a second chance, the chance that u have vs every other class.



    Warlock - Well thats one hell of a class, 2 escapes, thrall with control that can stun you for one more escape, brutal air combo, skill reset, thrall for you to hit when the wl hide behind it, resists, block-stun and ofc SOULBURN. No words for that class.... its just amazing.

    How OP this class is ?

    This class can literally kill you in one air combo, and it cant be escaped no matter what. And in tag match i`ve been a witness how a wl got opponent in air combo opens soulburn, kfm interferes and gives him bb, that guy killed the dude in air combo and the other guy that interfered to save him......

    Advice for balance:

    Make "TAB" usable in air combo.



    Blade dancer - Actually its blade cancer but the team behind that game has mistaken it. Class that is literally always in block-stun and resists, has amazing damage, and perma air combo and grab. Hes def abilities are just waaaayyy to many....

    How OP this class is ?

    A good bd can actually do whatever he wants..... and burst you down in a matter of few seconds.

    Advice for balance: 

    Make hes resist skills with longer cool down, so the bd would be vulnerable at least for 20 seconds....



    Another tips:

    1. Few classes has 2 or more escapes and others has only 1 - make them equal.

    2. All classes have perma block or spin but some like the sf for example (omg that guys should be really struggling) have 1 block with cd 6 sec (or 3 sec - thats the useless block) - make it equal for all classes.

    3. Make "TAB" usable in air combo.


    P.S excuse me for my bad engl. but its not my mothers language.



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