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  1. Well you can try 3vs3 arena it's equalized gears, only differs in number 3 and 6. Nova core soul shield will be useless if 6vs6 equalized gears. Korean server already got 12vs12 battle royale equalized gears, but u can guess the rewards are not as good as battleground for moonstone farming.
  2. There was a similar case like this happened long time ago, you bought ncoin items from a stranger who claim he could buy it for you with no risk, for example premium membership. You gave him your 3000 gold then he really bought you a 90 days premiumship, but later when they charge back to his bank account - it's empty - so they will ban anyone who make a transaction with that person. Before his account being banned, he already moved fast by buying something, let say a potion, with 3000g price in F5 with that char so the gold transfered to his main char that been selling potions at high price.
  3. u said u got gold right? i can sell the mats for 8k gold and entrance fee 1k gold, if it didnt drop u have to pay 1k every week till it drop.
  4. A year ago, BT mats are end game gear and there are no sealed raven items, u need to find a 24 man to get raven weapon by killing raven king, now u only need to prepare 300g for the mats. This will be the same till new raid Taecheon released like in Korean which is 2019
  5. The VT mats wont be tradeable for another 2 years coz it will ruin my whale business who sell vt service 9 times a week. I mean all the whales max their gears early and they want their gold back by selling vt services.
  6. The F9 is not broken coz i have tested it. Here what i can see, 90% players wont sell gold at F9 while 10% still sell it as an anticipation to get ready for next summer trove event. Whenever that 10% sell the gold, whales buy it immediately so it looks like empty list or broken. It's funny to see ppl wont sell it even at 1:4 ratio, but during winter trove all fight for 1:2.89 and and 1:3.12 ratio ROFL. I keep laughing when i see 2 digits behind comma in the ratio during previous trove. Like i said before F2P players cant do this forever, the team just need to put outfit
  7. Don't worry guys, free players will sell their gold again and make the ratio drop near 1:2 when today special/summer outfits come out or maybe next summer trove. They need hmcoins to purchase F10 stuff and without whales they cant get any decent outfits or try their luck in trove and RNG boxes. I hope they will introduce wild ginseng again, so whales can get gold easier without needing to rely on F9 currency exchange. Free players can get hmcoins too from venture token but seeing the rate almost close to zero, they got no choice but to sell their gold in F9. For those who think the
  8. I have lost faith in humanity, when i see this post got very few reply showing appreciation to the team after they did something good to raise your dps without using xml editor. Other post about missing today special outfit got tons of complaints. Ok let raise awaraness to delete the dynamic latency till they all say thank you
  9. If the twisted mirror didnt cost tons of gold to switch, P2W players wont buy gold from F9. By introducing this additional costs, you are forced to spend Ncoins to buy the mirror and the in-game gold. Here's an illustration how it works: Mr Bean is a P2W coz he got no time to farm the in-game gold and he enjoys to pvp a lot. He wannna switch from seraph stage 12 to baleful so he bought a mirror which costs him almost 1k ncoins or $10 (I forget the exact number). He later noticed that he needed 1.2k gold cost to switch, so he had to spend another 4.8k ncoins or around $50 (if the cu
  10. The cost of switching legendary weapon using twisted mirror depends on your current weapon stage so yeah 1.2k gold for stage 12. By removing the cost, the game will be flooded with gold which will be bad for economy and cause currency exchange dropping near 1:1 ratio sooner than expected. That's why they didnt want to give higher gold reward from daily purple dungeons like the quests in KR or TW while introducing gold sinking method to prevent inflation by adding additional costs into the system such as mailing fee, marketplace taxes, dragon express item "profane awakened stone" that costs 3k
  11. He is trying to show you how free players will suffer in the future. When i start to play this game with Sogun Laments as the hardest dungeon, the gold ratio is around 1:10 and now you can see it's 1:3 in NA, 1:2 in EU and 1:1 in Taiwan. I can buy 2k ncoins summer outfit bundle set last year which costs me 200g ONLY. For next summer season, 2k ncoins outfit will cost NA free players 666g, EU free players 1000g and taiwan free players 2000g. You see the problem now? It's just a matter of time before all regions server got taiwan rate which is 1:1. Good luck with phoenix bundle 4899 ncoins or 48
  12. There are many reasons why the currency exchange ratio keep dropping, I will list some down which as follow: 1. Celestial Basin Event contributes the most for this All players are farming wild ginseng and sell it to buy hmcoins for trove keys. Even whales farm it so why they need to buy gold from F9 again? 2. Spring Trove loot table not so tempting Most whales already max their gears from previous trove and the critical rate for current trove is lower than before. You can see why the price of moonstone, SPTS, sealed sacred oils and many more didnt drop by 50% like late wint
  13. There are 3 types of gamblers according to my dictionary: 1. Beginner Luck Gamblers Gamblers who win a lottery with only few attempts, at this stage he has 2 options: stop or continue? If he stops, he wins and will say the system is not broken. But if he continues and gets worse, he will get mad and his brain stops working. This type of person will get addicted in the end because he will keep gambling with all his fortune. 2. Smart Gamblers Gamblers who know the risk and always calculating before they make a decision. They know luck is the most important thing so they will
  14. Let me tell you a little secret how trove system works (the items list always the same just shifting slots): 1. If you didnt proc a critical, the items mostly are useless cheap stuff like soulstone, moonstone, soups, potions and etc 2. If you proc a critical in gems there are 3 possibilities a) only hexagonal gems b)only brilliant heptagonal gems c) brilliant+sparkling heptagonal gems 3. If you proc a critical in upgrade materials, also 3 chances to get a) 1 forging orb/xanos disc/oil b) 2 to 5 forging orb/xanos disc/oil c) 10-20 forging or
  15. You spent 20 keys only and make a conclusion that the trove is broken because you didnt get the same loot table like my screen shoot?
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