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  1. Which class will have the best dps after update?

    Cast time decreased from 0.5 to 0.4. That's what i read on taiwan channels. Seems accurate now that we'll do 1 additional dragontongue on a tab.
  2. 4/12 Legendary Weapon Material Changes

    All these complaints about trove money and stratus upgrade discount is just ludicrous. A lot of people i know spent quite a good amount on trove but didn't upgrade their gears right away. They waited to see how the market will response and they got their rewards. Nobody pushed you to rush and now you are asking compensation for optional spending. I, for one, am very glad they did this.
  3. Please make shared wardrobe a thing?

    I'd say remote storage access comes first.
  4. Silverfrost Premium Transformation Stone

    My guess is that it'll be around 130g since transformation success rate will be increased and we'll need less stones for upgrades. But who knows.
  5. Awful Management

    Yeah, that example is completely relevant. Good for you.
  6. For people who don't have time for BT (Skybreak Spire)

    I specifically said completing the raid.
  7. For people who don't have time for BT (Skybreak Spire)

    With HM buffs it should be easier than it is now.
  8. For people who don't have time for BT (Skybreak Spire)

    Playing a game is not a job. I don't know who made that "gamer" term up but it's not. A game is supposed to be fun rather than grind which is why these people complain about BT. That dungeons is far by the most irritating one at the moment and i think they released it too early. Unlike other servers we don't have one ethnicity here so half the time forming a proper raid outside a clan is pretty hard let it be because of language or time zone. You might say that they should join a clan which is how it should be normally but as we all know BnS player base is* very toxic and elitist. All in all, right now BT is overkill for our server imo. With the 12th April patch and BT nerf, maybe normal players can actually complete that raid.
  9. Awful Management

    I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to not to give beans to people who lose but i want to congratulate them. Already dying pvp is *cricket* by this feature. Why would anyone want to play in arena if all they are gonna get is 20 beans not to mention balance. Tag matches take too long and when you lose you get nothing thus 5 min tag queue.
  10. Don't try pvp

    This game's main problem with pvp is that there is no balance which we all know that but it seems the reason depends on the person. In my opinion if there are counter classes in a game there is no way you can establish a fair arena for 1v1 unless you are gonna make people fight against their own classes. Also don't try to argue with sins about how broken their class is. They are like spoiled kids. Since the game's release they've been broken af. On the other hand force masters were op before 50 patch now they are literally outside of arena. Summoners too were nerfed to some degree. What i'm saying is that pretty much every class but sin got nerfed. I guess devs love sin.
  11. Why more types of cat rather than something different than a cat. I don't know maybe a creature that we can actually relate to the class called "summoner".
  12. Raven Feather exchange Raven Soul Shield

    NO. Otherwise in the near future you are most likely to ruin some good people's dungeon experience since you were too busy to play "that stupid long dungeon". Bonus: Stop thinking that you can buy your way out of everything and play the game for pete's sake.
  13. New outfits so expensive!!!

    It would be reasonable to buy them with HM coins if trove hadn't fcked ctrl+c up. Now the cheapest outfit is around 250g and most of the time it's just recolour so no.