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  1. This is one of those chances good developers take because they literally get work done for them, and because it is a good chance to show the community they still care. Let's see how they are going to react to this. If at all.
  2. Hello everyone! We are 5 players playing on EU/Wild Springs (Server Group 1) looking for a new raid group for Skybreak Spire. We are: - Soul Fighter HM11/957AP, IGN: Candy Spice - Kungfu Master HM12/923AP, IGN: Kasumi Yukimura - Blade Master HM10/839AP, IGN: Princess Effy - Warlock HM11/869AP, IGN: Mimi Soulrot - Destroyer HM12/905AP, IGN: Ascending Moon All of us have beaten Boss 1+2, and are experienced on Boss 3. We would prefer raiding on weekdays, else our schedules are rather flexible. If you have any questions or want us in your raid or know som
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