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  1. I want to applaud you for speaking up for something you feel strongly about. Sometimes, you just have to even if no one backs you up. Like now. As a woman, as a minority in my country, as the victim of almost two decades of abuse, I am angered and saddened by this attempt to misuse and abuse laws that are meant to protect me. Violence is action preformed on another person or persons against their will in such a way as to cause severe and or lingering harm or damage. The difference between what I went through and this one, very tiny, aspect of this small event, in this game, is that I have a choice - as does everyone who puts on either of the outfits. No one is being forced to participate in this. The reward for it is not game breaking, or even a mild bonus. This isn't dodge ball where everyone and the coach picks on you, it's digital laser tag. You either get the outfit and go PVP to your hearts content, get the outfit and pvp with a friend or your clan in some map instance so other players can't bother you, or you choose not to get the outfit and not to engage in PVP. God, if only it were that easy in real life, having that choice. There is no comparing something so intentionally optional to something so pervasive and life altering.
  2. Did I miss where it states what ultimate and unleashed pets will convert to? I've rewatched the preview a couple of times now, and the closest I am getting is at 1:00:53 in on the vid where it actually shows the unleashed ultimate pet aura preview. The acquired from shows Ultimate Pet Aura - Stage 5 + Pet Pod, Awakened ultimate Pet Aura - Stage 1 + Pet Pod, and Awakened Ultimate Pet Aura - Stage 3 + Pet Pod (this is not shown in the full upgrade path, just on this preview screen). Unlike when the Hongmoon Pet Aura - Stage 9 is displayed (at 1:22:28 in), we don't see an old to new conversion as a possibility. I keep seeing mixed information on this, that ultimate goes to unleashed hmpa and unleashed goes straight to unleashed ultimate pa, or that ultimate goes to unleashed and unleashed goes to ultimate stage 1. TT^TT
  3. i am enjoying it! thank you for the details you've provided, you've given me a lot to go on and it's greatly appreciated!!
  4. it really is, didn't realize i made a wall of text like that, but thank you for reading and replying! the information you've given is great, and just what i'm looking for! thank you so much for the insight!!
  5. hey everyone, and thanks in advance for taking the time to read and help (or throw salt, i'm happy either way). there's a lot of stuff to go through to figure out what to do for this game, but there's a lot of great in-game help and sites with a ton of info, as well, that have helped up to this point. i think my biggest hurdle is the fact that i'm just brand new, plain and simple. this is only the second mmo i've ever played (coming from tera online), and i'm not quite savvy on what i should be expecting and how to make the strategic connections for my class and skills in the very specific dungeon scenarios we play through. i've been playing bns for a few weeks with some friends (also new to this game), so we've been learning as we go really. mostly, i've been button mashing at everything (yep, telling on myself), but i'm at the point where i definitely need guides to get a better understand of what my class actually does, what gear stats do for me, and how to use my warlock effectively, both solo and in parties/raids. being new, i don't actually know what guides to look at (there are soooo many), so i've been trying to read everything. i don't know whether the information is even relevant at this time (is the 2015 stuff still relevant??), or if it doesn't even matter and i should just keep face rolling everything, cuz, sb for the win! (joking, i promise!) i don't even know what stats are most important for warlock. am i squishy and should i focus on gear that buffs hp/def (yeah i am, if i try to get into a dg higher than my level), am i dps/support or support/dps (skills suggest dps/support, but again, not sure, and it matters because i need to know which way to spec my skills), do i need gear that increases def/block/evasion or hp/accuracy/piercing, or even something else? since i don't wanna be that person holding everyone back due to poor gear choices and skill specs, or just so they can teach me 2 mechs every 4 seconds, can any of you grade-A warlocks recommend a good site for class guides or your favorite helpful youtubers? i'm pve-centric because i can't pvp to save my life - my isp (and my short, fat fingers) just ain't fast enough for all of that. basically, anything that gives me a better understanding of my skills, where my focus needs to be to best support the other classes or maximize dps output (dps/support or support/dps question again), what builds work when (i'm specc'd for skill spamming with a focus on kd & slowing atm, most likely not the best setup), or something like that. i know about the dg guides on reddit, have those babies bookmarked. my next hurdle is gear. i know the hongmoon jewerly starting pieces are out of the game for new players (as of february, right?), so i don't have the earrings, necklace, or rings to worry about upgrading until i hit draken (which can't happen until i get muuuuch better). however, i have the belt and bracelet that i can upgrade. do i focus on upgrading my weapon to the max and ignore the belt and bracelet, do i upgrade all three at the same time, or do i completely ignore the belt and bracelet in favor of using whatever drops from the dg? am i just SOL for the benefits i missed out on with the hongmoon starter jewelry, or is something coming (soon, maybe??) that will be replacing that particular path? i know new players get the ivorymoon sets, but there are pieces that "seem" better as in offering defense, block, and hp stats. what should i be going for instead? if there are there any sites that clearly lists gear/ss ranking, that would be so helpful! it seemed smart to run the dungeons in order, progressing to the next one when i've gotten every piece i can get from each one. i've been told there's stuff i don't need, and i feel like i'm wasting unsealing charms checking the stats on the new gear because i keep getting conflicting information. don't get me wrong, i check the profiles of other players - both warlocks and other classes - but, there seems to be a mixing of elements, especially with things like soulshields. for instance, i was told to get the 1-2-3 pvp soulshield pieces from battle ground trader, but i don't see many with those pieces. are they recommended starting ss for lv 50? i mean, the hp buff alone has been saving my butt from getting one-shot in avalanche den, so its clearly better than the set that i got at lv 50. i kinda just feel overwhelmed with not knowing what i actually need to work towards, and it's frustrating. hoping for some insight on where to read up to have more fun at this game. its got a great story that i've enjoyed immensely, and while we're all waiting for the new content come out, i'd rather not give up on it just from lack of knowledge. feel free to tell me i'm an idiot for completely missing something obvious. >,<
  6. keybind ini file??

    or something similar? so i can save it for multiple characters and just in case, maybe, a little relative gets on my comp and starts, yano, doing the little person thing... pushing all the buttons.... v,v* edit: im new to bns, so i havent had the chance to explore the whole thing yet and i may have "what? where!" questions for you.