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  1. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    Well me and my gf are VT geared and we can't enjoy the event. we have to find some other things to do while whales enjoy the event, even if they don't need tho, if you have enough power to clear those "challenging" dungeons, you don't need those rewards at all, maybe the wings. correct me if i'm wrong, but are they trying to force us to catch up korean server? because of up-coming Temple of Sucession, archer class etc...? if yes, are they forgeting that korean players and NA players are completely diferent in terms of farm/play. Korean players are hardcore players and NA players are casual players, most of NA players are VT geared, so VT geared players to BT players are like 95% of the players right now. i really don't want to believe that they are doing it on purpose, an event only for 5% of players, i really want to believe that is just another silly mistake they made: release an korean event for NA players. well i hope they fix. NERF THIS EVENT NCWEST.