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  1. Boy, you can't get into Tomb until you get the previous weapon
  2. Ok, so I just did the math. There's actually a 12.15766% chance that you will need 20 chests before getting your desired weapon (I've done more by now). That means like every 8th player is going to experience this kind of bad luck with one of their upgrades. There's of course more than one chance for that to happen. I don't know exactly how many weapons you will need lategame, but let's assume there's 10 weapons that you will need to gather lategame. We're reaching more than 100% average here. And the only possible way to avoid bad luck? Pay money! Hurray! [Image r
  3. That means someone who is just lucky can potentially progress 9 times as fast as someone who is "medium-lucky"? Really? xD That's how it stays? Ok, I'm done with this game then. It probably has the best combat of any MMORPG out there, but this is just dumb shit.
  4. I'm a new player, but I didn't get an upgrade in ages and I'm already way over the lvl of the dungeon that I'm not allowed to enter because my equipment is bad, which is why it seemed logical to me that I need to farm better equipment in order to do that dungeon. That design doesn't make any sense whatsoever then. So the problem I have now can simply be avoided by just continuing to do the quests.. and later on it's exactly like what I experienced? Farming monsters and dungeons for chests that have a very slim chance of actually dropping your item?
  5. I fee like quitting because it seems this game doesn't reward skilled players, but those that have a huge pocket and way too much free time. Edit: Which is a somewhat weird and rare combination, now that I think about it.
  6. I've run the Forgotten Tomb 10 times and opened 20 Pinchy chests without getting my weapon. I've almost run out of keys now and if this continues like that I don't see how I'm supposed to play this game in the later stages. This is extremely unrewarding, frustrating and makes thewhole experience feel like the game just doesn't want you to play it, because it's actively working against you in a way that you can't influence. Edit: I don't understand why we can't simply use these essences to just buy the things straight away. This way we at least have a sense of progress and a gurantee
  7. That's a very interesting thing to say, because I've had the experience that, opposed to almost every other MMO, the players skill has a very large impact on your performance. In order to say that the classes are imbalanced, in terms of maximum potential, you'd need to be on a very high skill level. At least if it's supposed to be a qualified statement, which this clearly isn't (no arguments or anything). There is definetely a difference in how easy a class is to pick up. I will not make any statements about how hard they are to master, because I'm not even close to being there on any cla
  8. But, but... isn't that kinda what PvP is about? x)
  9. Absolutely. It's my call to not support a business model I don't like. It's a companies problem if there's too many that do not support it either.
  10. There is no need for p2w. Never was and never will be. It's not a requirement for a free to play game to exist. If you think that is the case, you're the one that needs to wake up. Sorry to break it you, but it's just how it is. As I said, there are games that don't have and don't need it and they're popular and they're paying their bills just fine. Don't ignore that fact. I am willing to support a game and pay for it. In fact I tend to spend way too much money on games, but that's a different story. I just never ever buy anything that gives me a combat advantage over someone who didn't buy it
  11. Ok, I wanted to point out that having a good ping is mandatory for pretty much every online game there is. That is NOT a downside of a game anymore. Their netcode works fine, the servers seem to work fine as well from what I've experienced so that is not something to debate anymore IMO. Not in this thread at least please. Thanks for the advice and pointers, Shuchin, much appreciated. =) I usually prefer to play solo and see how far I can get. These "gatings" are always there in MMOs I reckon. Especially in those that require some skill. Heck, even WoW community demands way too high
  12. If a game is meant to be competitive a pay to progress model can very well feel like pay to win. It's just not as extremely bad. On that "It's a company that needs to make money so p2w has to be there or else they won't" I call BS on that one. Serious, fluid, disgusting BS. P2W or pay to progress is just pretty much the easiest way to get fast money. You will destroy the game by it in the long run though. There's cosmetics, which a whole lot of people tend to spend alot of money on and other quality of life things that don't give you a combat or progress advantage like additiona
  13. Ping dependancy is to be expected from any online action game, but nowadays bad ping means you either live in a craphole, the games servers and/or netcode are bad or the servers are located very far away from you. In your case it seems to be the last one. =/ So far I don't have any issue with pings. I live in germany. It's sad to hear they don't listen much to their community. Games and especially online games live off of their community after all. So pay to progress is a thing here. Meh. Don't like it. Anything else I should know about?
  14. Hello there! I just downloaded the game due to a suggestion I got from reddit and I'm suprised. Really suprised. The combat is amazing, quests are what is to be expected from an mmo (which is a downside), but the solo dungeons during lvling are extremely fun. I'm playing a Blademaster and I got to say it has been quite a long time since I had so much fun in a combat system. From what I've seen in the cash shop there's no real pay2win stuff, just XP pots of sorts (..right?). So what's the catch? Does the endgame suck or what's the thing? There has to be some kind of issue otherwise th
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