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  1. First at all - Jewel should be worth 5 event currency, 1 is so low, 10 is so much... But price is not a problem, problem here is NCSOFT "Lied". They wrote price is 1event currency, it was even on twitch and on announcer and it was applied into game: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/new-events-in-mischief-makers/ Now without any word they changed it...well at midnight before patch is not worth mention. If they announced it day or two before, I can say nothing only applause but like this is it like slap into face. Or give players the fair option
  2. Well if you use brain it is easy formula: I am at rank 68 now - to next lvl it is 481k (at higher ranks it will be more for sure) Daily cap is 500k - Real what you are able to get wit normal play is around 200k ( when consider +5k daily charm is max 505k) . Still 500k d.cap - 500k = 1 => per level that mean you are able to get 1 rank per day => 210 ranks = 210 days. So new player will reach max at 210 days and you want new cap? I do not talking about time to max etc. and with 1 char is 500 stupid dream. So if you want new cap there should be
  3. Hmm I played since release in EU on my acc I have much more then 50k golds and many other things...but I can't even upgrade my soul, because players don't have any way how obtain aransu orbs...3per week for low raids and you need how much 200? Even when you go VT and you spend for entry there is Master Loot, where you can't even bid :/ :D so trash system lol. this aside...on my acc I have 6x 50lvl and only 2x 55lvl because like I said this game is now trash and I will not spend my time or money into it. And yes now is better talk about Elemental dmg number then AP...
  4. Well true problem is you can't do anything in this game pvp doesn't exist and when you want pve you need stay in F8 30min before you can find group for one ez dung even when you have 1200ap or more...and pay 500g or how much is entry for VT now? And then pay for each item? LOL so much fun :D Achievs etc? 1k dungeon runs only, none else :D Is much better to go play another MMORPG because this... even when you need pay in another game monthly in final you will pay less...why? Because for example trove is RNG and you shall pay so much for nothing. All this game is now made for P2W model
  5. In short: population is lower each day...yes few players joining this game daily but much more leaving thanks to NCSoft team for NA / EU because they really don't care. If you want try this game but I can't to recommend it to anyone. I played since realease for EU but now I am leaving this game like almost all other players which i knew. Maybe it is reason why they never show server population to community? And like xlnikox wrote, if you don't have many friends you couldn't even dream about last endgame dungeons / raids / pvp.
  6. Hi, please nerf gunners, their dmg is really unfair against all others class. Each player can look into F11 where for mushin towers and infinity tower are almost only gunners.
  7. Not true even closely. There was none about tradable or untradable crafting products, none about cost of craft, none about baleful or seraph resource reduction and none about soul reduction cost. This article was total none saying. Only good inforamation from this was we will make full patch notes. I upgraded soul becase there wasn't any information about it and now they doesn't want give it back which is lost almost 5 000 golds.
  8. They giving really late annoucement or do any of players think one day before dissable crafting is soon enough? or 5 days before they change price of upgrade is good? And midnight streams are also great, best for everyone. And as usual they do not even bother to react to the forum.
  9. Please I want ask why when taikhan skin / forging orb / xanos disc and exp charm can be buy from celestial vendor why isn't here SACRED OIL? Why here isn't? For +/- same price like forging orb? We have Sacred oil in each event for price which is almost same like forging orb but they aren't in celestial vendor? Of course untrade like other items. This is best solution and most smart and best for all I think. Could any from NCSOFT team answer this? I don't want some stupid answer from community but any good answer from NCSOFT...I just want know why there isn't possible buy oil. And yes
  10. Yes bro, but 20to40g per day + 50from daily is still 90 and drop can give you another 10g so 50-100g per day right? One stage for soul cost you? 6x 470 = 2820 which is one month for one soul stage...not so good right? And I dont think you will spend in game 15min for 100g but around 3h.
  11. Rly? Like crafting what? For example crafting Silverfrost transformation stone = 250ss (52,5g), 10x Dew (4,3g), 5x silverfrost quartz (9,75g), 5x premium kaolin refiner (26,4g), 10x moonstone (32g) => craft cost you 125g, fee on market + fee after sold = 150g crafting cost. Selling price of STS is 134g for 10piece...crafting this = lost 16g Crafting right now isn't good way how make golds
  12. Right now price of SO is 470g. when you need buy 168 piece it is 78 960g only for soul and you can take how much per day? 50-100g per day from daily and drop or from all activity? Yes there is few people which can buy it and they will farm everything what they will want. When now you die in 6v6 from one hit when you meet raven 6 player what after this patch? When they will be have raven 9 and max soul? Well pvp is dead, none global pvp exist in this game, and pve is pointless when even now for NS you need 900+ap and BT is impossible to go if you doesnt want spend hours in searching for pt and
  13. Well how can any normal player with baleful or seraph play 6v6 against raven when they kill him on one hit? Please don't talk lies.
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