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  1. Lag and low fps

    I optimized it for low end pc a while ago. Still no improvement. It's just so frustrating that i can run other games on high graphics and still get 80-90 fps and for bns I can't do anything..
  2. Lag and low fps

    I have 20-30 fps everywhere. In dungeons it drops to 11-15. I have a hdd hard drive and my internet connection is very good as i use the cable and not wifi, fiberlink, 1000 mbps
  3. Lag and low fps

    Hey guys. I just bought a laptop with pretty good specifications. I have a nvidia geforce 940mx 4gb, intel core i5,7th generation, 8 gb ram and my game works like crap. I put everything on low, made all my settings work for performance and i have 20-30 fps, my game freezes , map doesn't load sometimes in dungeons, very long loading screens and so on. I have a vindows 10 x64 and i setup my game to run on the x32 because someone told me it works better like that. It only made the game load faster but nothing more. Please help me find a fix. I'm desperate here >.<