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  1. "few other small issues" meaning 3 star not exsisting?
  2. they dont even awnser anymore. just taging tickes as solved and and call it a day. @hime stil never replys. gues its anather "en-masse entertainment" situation going to happend
  3. Senior GM Diceflip 2 hours ago Hello, We understand where you're coming from. However, as mentioned earlier, all the necessary items/currency has been restored already to all accounts affected by the development team in the recent maintenance. realy? you mark my ticket as solved when i didnt recive anything from all the petpods i transmuted? how can you even call yourself a seniorGM when you cant even do your job, the matter is not solved ffs!
  4. GM Yggdrasil 4 hours ago Hi there, As previously discussed that if players did not originally transmuted the Pet Pods that were removed, the players will not receive any Gold back. Again, any concern regarding this matter should be posted in the forums. good to know. cus i transmuted some pets i bught and didnt recive anything. thught problems like this is somthing "Customer Service" was suposed to handle? if not, then why is it even caled customer service?
  5. go fore it, there is alredy a few streamers and youtubers that did that and left the game
  6. you forgot the other copypasta they have "If you have concerns regarding this or has any feedback, you may post it in our forums: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/249857-update-item-removal-from-moontide-outfit-exploit/"
  7. GM FraydJigen 34 minutes ago Hello, Please note that our development team has already restored all the costumes there were removed during the 8/19 maintenance as well as the Gold used to transmute the removed Pet Pods. realy profesional when i didnt get any gold back and am stil missing pets from f3 that i got several years ago
  8. thats a flat out lie.. also only giving back the gold cost for transmuting dont even come close to the total gold ppl spent on f5 on petpods, pets and soulstones
  9. i miss Bethany and Jonathan, atleast they kept ppl somewhat up to date on what was going on and didnt just ignor the forum for days on end
  10. @hime #23597748 "Demî""Estiaharu""Sayorì""matchî""Bîrby""Chiakî""Zulìa""Kanzakì""Nanachî""Yùùkì""Sinico""Shìnòn"
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