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  1. As much as NC is completely deaf to the community, there couldn't be a clearer example of how awful the BnS community is. When this game eventually shutters, players like the ones involved in this event scheme share the blame for the demise of the game. Community never fails to find new lows. Well done.
  2. Just wondering if other people are experiencing really bad lag spikes and game freezes ONLY in f8 dungeons and if there's a solution. Everything is fine on my home server, dungeons and 12 man raids are normal, but if I do any dungeon in f8, it's unplayable. Boss fight starts but I see people standing around, suddenly everything is happening and boss hp is already down to 75%, I can't perform any actions and everything freezes, players and boss frozen in place sometimes mid-air, then 1-2 seconds of combat that I can only watch, all combat actions unresponsive, more freezes, then dead boss. In game ping shows around 400-500ms during these freezes but I'm sure it's not accurate. I don't think it's my connection. I've tried using my phone as a wireless hotspot just to compare against a different isp and same result with 2 different isp's. It's only happening in f8. I've found older posts complaining about something similar but there was never a solution for it. Everything was running fine before the Aug.20 patch and new ice cubes event. I suspect this isn't a widespread issue because I see nothing about it on the forums.
  3. I'd like the blue quests restored too. What was the harm in leaving them in the game for players who want to take the extra time to do those quests? I feel the game is so much poorer with this change. Sad day...
  4. Hey. I'm in the North part of T.O. near Vaughan and Markham. I'm with a smaller isp that leases from Bell's DSL network. I'm supposed to be getting 25/25 but my upstream has never been faster than 6. My downstream is pretty much what I'm supposed to get. When I first started playing, which was Dec, '16, I used to always get around 100ms. It's gotten steadily worse since then. During the day I'm averaging 120-150 with an occasional spike up to the 170's. If I'm playing around 3am I find my ping is at 85-110. From what I've read, ping issues are due to NC's servers and not so much your internet connection. As long as ping remains under 150 I find the game is still easily playable. There's a guy on youtube, Keroppi, who plays from China and has like 300 ping and he seems to get on fine on NA servers so I'm not sure your problem can all be blamed on ping? I tried Dallas servers with Speedtest and I get similar results as you too. Only thing I've seen suggested is to try one of the programs like pingzapper or wtfast. Maybe launching with BNSbuddy could help?
  5. The raven king's ferocity has waned

    Agree with you wholeheartedly op. The worst thing about this game isn't the grind, it's the community going out of their way to prevent others from gearing up and catching up. The mindset of this community to always find a way to screw over a fellow player is beyond me.
  6. Free Pristine Astral Oil from June 13–27

    I really hope the first point being made happens. Along with the free oils, change every "expired" event soul to 100% mileage so everyone who worked so hard to get a soul is rewarded for all the time invested. This event has been so unrewarding and frustrating. Events should be the opposite of that. I shouldn't even have to point this out. Would have been better to make the soul really costly to attain then this RNG stupidity. At least it would've been fair for everyone. Equal rewards for equal effort. So much time and effort pissed away. My playtime is sporadic too and I also rely on events to help me progress. I know exactly where you're coming from poster. To be fair NC, thank you for the free oils. It's a nice gesture. It's an acknowledgement that this event was seriously lacking. It's just not going to be enough to remove the bitter aftertaste from this event for the community and for myself.
  7. Wow. Didn't realize how big of a mess this was. It explains the absence of any threads on this topic. NC unapologetic as ever and never acknowledging there was a problem. Would be nice if they just made the outfits available from f10 for a week or something but it'll never happen. Would be a nice goodwill gesture. All I knew about was that Shock Jock was in f10 for like 30min and I thought that was just stupid. I logged into the game a few minutes after they removed it. Really sucks for Europeans too. Anyone talk to support about this and get them to award you the outfits? Just curious if that works. Hey NC, reward your player base, not ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ them off. Geez.......
  8. Did everyone who wanted the free outfits claim them or did most people not even know about this? I'm dumbfounded that they announce a giveaway in a news posting titled Battle Brawl view guide and then never mention it again anywhere. Common sense says that you announce a giveaway in an announcement about a giveaway. With cosmetics in this game being such a big deal for a lot of people this was communicated unbelievably poorly. I missed out on all the free stuff. I originally thought it was just a single outfit. Turns out it was multiple outfits which makes it even worse. The most I heard about the pvp tourney was that there were some codes being given away during some stream. Just wondering if people got their outfits and if people generally knew about this or if this was largely unknown? I haven't seen a single thread thanking NC for the free outfits or complaining that they missed out so I don't know how well informed the community was. I have absolutely no interest in pvp so I never read the pvp news compared to any other news postings which I always read through.
  9. Upcoming Humble Brag System... off switch?

    I hope they get rid of this. Pretty sure this won't be doing any good to ping. Why add something that likely has a negative impact on ping when this is already such an issue for so many people? I also don't appreciate having this shoved in my face in a blatant attempt to make me use F10. I don't want to hide that pop up, I want it turned off so I don't waste any resources on something so useless. I was going to spend a couple hundred bucks over the Christmas holiday. Won't be spending anything unless this is removed or we're given an option to turn it off, not just hide it
  10. Celestial Basin boss's

    I guess I missed the news somewhere? Anyone know when it started and end date?
  11. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Has anyone tried to get a refund for purchased radiant energies? I've been buying 5 at a time when they showed up as a daily item with the intent to transmute gems at a later date after slowly buying the gems that show up in daily. 10g is not equal to the real money spent and woefully inadequate compensation. What was wrong with the original planned conversion of radiant energies? This is a great big middle finger to the paying players. WTH NC. IF this is what is going to happen, I think I'm done with this game. I can't trust this company. I paid for items, not gold. If I wanted gold I'd have used F9 and 10g is insulting.
  12. Wait for new gem system?

    I'd love to hear from someone who's used the announced upcoming gem system. I've got a bunch of radiant energies and I don't know if they are more useful to me now or wait until the new system arrives and convert the energies to fragments or whatever they get converted into. Stuff like this really makes me hesitant to spend money on this game. When the pet aura system was changed to pet pods, I felt the conversion for the pet enhancement stones was inadequate. Would've been nice to have had this information earlier rather than only a week in advance.
  13. Toronto here too. Ping went from avg 90-100 to 170-250 now. Not unplayable but a lot less responsive combat.
  14. Thanks NC! I didn't own any of the outfits so it turned out to be a tremendous value.
  15. Didn't get mxm costume

    Just posting to confirm they are awarding the costume and master from the promo if you submit a ticket. Just received the Jinsoyun costume today. Originally they told me the same thing - missed the deadline, don't qualify for the rewards, etc. So I linked this thread in my response back to them, asked them to check their logs because MxM shows my achievement dated for July 7 (I earned the achievement ~11:43pm EST), and then waited. That was about a day and a half ago. Then today I received the following: "Upon rechecking our logs, I've confirmed that there is inconsistency on our logs regarding clock timezone. Since you're able to complete the 5 Titan Ruin match, you're eligible to receive the Wilting Flower outfit for Blade and Soul and Poharan Master for MxM. The reward has already been sent to your account. You should now be able to redeem the outfit and master." My experience was pretty painless. I just submitted the original ticket and a single follow up and that was it. Hope you guys get your costume soon.