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  1. Thanx for the reply :D I'm ok for the offering side of things i have a bunch Elements of Hongmoon for that it's the additional ingredient, I've been searching through the market place trying to see if there is anything that can be used for this but I'm having no luck finding anything and it's the same when I search google. I only ask this when I started upgrading my weapon a high lvl player told me to always add additional ingredient's when upgrading as you get extra xp on your weapon if you do so.
  2. Hi Hi Everyone I'm having a problem I've just got my weapon up to the awakened ivorymoon stage and for some reason i can't use my hongmoon upgrade charm as the additional ingredient, for the last 2 upgrades I've done I've been able to use these, so my big question is... if I can no longer use these what can i use?
  3. I'm on Starfall Crater, most speak English on there
  4. SF as that what my main is & the 1st class I ever played as in bns :D I get told alot in game that this class is broken, which I really don't understand at all? the only problem I have is with the stance switch, as the auto switch back to the kung fu stance can be a real pain sometimes. but besides that sf classes is great as it's the best of both worlds you can be a close-combat fighter and ranged all at once. which I find really useful for when I working in a group as if we are lacking on the ranged classes I can be mainly ranged and vice versa for close-combat.
  5. I'm still quite new to bns and I'm just coming to grasp the mech's of the end game, but i have 3 characters atm, only one at lvl 50 so far which i try and use every time I play, then after I've done everything with them I will switch to one of the other 2 and carry on working through the story. I plan in the future to have more as why be limited by just 1 or 2 classes? plus there is the added aspect of getting to learn how the other classes work, which in turn should make life easier in pvp situations and also hone in which class really suits my play style the best :D I should p
  6. error is fixed now, i just got in! yay bns time
  7. yep i need my eyes checked as read the convert wrong it's mid day it's down for me, well i hope the error is fixed soon
  8. when i convert the time they say the severs are down that time is now in my time zone? 11am UTC - GMT = 12am (midnight) and it's midnight now for me weird then why the severs down??? Glad it's not just me getting the error then
  9. :( severs are down, i love the one hour warning they gave us :P well they say it's gonna be down for 5hours so i guess that my whole play time for today
  10. Hi Hi Everyone Ok i'm really stuck and confused here with these fraction contribution points. I've been going through the story and every time i have got a fraction mission i've put on my uniform and done it, now i'm at lvl 46 and i've just noticed that there is a person at the camp in The Scorching Sands who says "gather prestige points and prove your loyalty" but it says in there i have earned 0 points?? So i searched the net looking for answers to this and all i keep finding is people saying do the daily's.... errrr what daily's am i missing something here or what? as
  11. Hi Hi everyone, I saw this post and it made me want to make my very own Gon, I have no intentions of using her in game yet as i'm still working my way through the story with my main atm & there isn't really a class in the Gon race i would want to be, which i haven't already picked for another race (if that even makes sense LOL!)
  12. cause if they did then you would have to get 25+ repair tools for 20 iron. also i find i can make far more repair tools in the time span that is needed between each time i need to repair my weapon. for me the ratio is fine for these
  13. omg selling presets, Really???? it's not hard to make a player, plus i think you can get free presets, as my friend is super lazy and did that, but here's the funny thing took them longer to hunt down a preset they wanted to use than it took me to make my player & they still prefer my player to their preset one. lol
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