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  1. Okie dokie, that's understandable. Thank you for the feedback!! ❤️
  2. Was there a winner for the UE4 Battle Station Sweepstakes selected yet? I kept an eye out on the announcements and I have not seen any news indicating so.
  3. Oh they refresh?? I was under the impression that once they are up you never get them back again. I'll go ahead and use it then if that's the case. I agree players should be careful and I am for the most part. But that doesn't help me after it's been done. I made the mistake already. Also, I still think its an unnecessary amount of hassle. It would be excellent service to allow players the ability to correct their own mistakes in minor situations like this.
  4. I mistakenly bought a chest from Junsorei that was under the chest I actually wanted to purchase. It was a simple misclick. It happens to most of us in this game. I was quite upset when it happened because it used up the majority of the core I have. That means I would have to farm another few hundred to purchase the one I actually want. I reached out to support to see if I could have them switched but they informed me that it would take up a restoration token on my account so I declined. I don't want to use up a token on something so minor. The main issue I have is that
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