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  1. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    Welp, it's then a very huge coincidence that my ping was always under 100ms then when ddos hits I get a massive ms spike to 500-1000 that makes the game unplayable that STILL hasn't gone away, that BNS Support checked and couldn't find it to be on my end. ( To those of you saying ddos is over) Even if it's not to do with bns it has to be something affected along my route to it then by the ddos, nothing else makes sense to me and either way I can't control it. I tried pingzapper, Wtfast, and a vpn. Not enough change to make it playable. ( am in NA)
  2. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    Updates guys? When will this stop affecting Everyone? Because some of us still have issues, why is this.
  3. About Attacks
  4. About Attacks

    Does someone have info on how ddos affects certain areas and not others and what's the reality of how long it could go on? Thanks, in advance.
  5. About Attacks

    I've been asking for updates every day here too. :3
  6. About Attacks

    I'm trying to keep this current so the issue can't just fade away even if it's only impacting like 20% of us.
  7. About Attacks

    Noooo, I just want to be able to do dailies and dungeons. These ddos attacks really pissed in my cheerios. Like I said never any issue before them and bns supp already went through everything on my end. Q-Q
  8. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    Like, I really don't want this to just be forgotten about long enough that most of the issue goes away for other people while i'm still left with it. I never had issues playing the game before ddos, I just want normal play back so I can actually do dungeons and dailies. Q-Q
  9. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    T^T I just want updates, I also had a ticket and they said they did everything they could to help me already ( checked everything on my end).
  10. P2W??

    it may be available for hongmoon coin but I gotta say spending 20 bucks and getting a few boxes is way easier than making the 80g for box conversion rate to buy for a chance at maple. The p2w is about taking the easy way or things wouldn't sell.
  11. Server Instability, lag, fps, ms

    This month for the first time my ping went 200-1000 ms. It used to be below 100 always. I've been a player for over a year. It is very upsetting and is still an issue :3
  12. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    Update please :3
  13. P2W??

    well I guess it's about people being able to obtain items like the raven king ferocity ( now energy) with maple leaves- which can only be bought with ncoin through rng. Basically p2w is when someone doesn't have to do what people who don't p2w have to do to get the same thing.
  14. About Attacks

    Why no updates on it o-o
  15. About Attacks

    It it so frustrating Q-Q I'm stuck unable to progress at all or get any dailies like you said. I saw that EU has been compensated for their horrible maintenance delays and all I can think is BNS if you can compensate for people missing 3 days ( obviously they should be) then why are you letting people miss 3 weeks of game play ? And one update that they are aware it is still going on with no progress since then is just pathetic.
  16. About Attacks

    I feel like they're trying to wait it out and see if it ends by itself, but for a year I had perfect under 100 ms and now it's rarely below 500 and spiked to 1000+ in fights. I can't do dungeons, it only started during ddos and I put in a support ticket to which they found nothing wrong on my end and acknowledged it was the ddos. If bns doesn't fix it how long will it take to go back to normal?
  17. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    This is still an issue, when are we going to have updates? I'ts gone on too long. Before ddos I had under 100ping the entire time since bns came out. Now, since the Ddos I get 200 ping standing still and 500-1000 if I try to fight anything. I can't do dungeons. I put a support ticket in and you guys couldn't find anything wrong on my end. Why is this still happening?
  18. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    That doesn't mean people don't have a right to complain about it if the company seems like it's ignoring it. Other games have already fixed the issue by moving servers. They can fix it, they don't want to spend a ton of money to do it is all. And it's not been a week, it's been since the 21st that the Ddos officially started hitting targets so try 3 entire weeks of people losing any game play. Meanwhile Eu has been compensated for losing just 3 days in an entire month.
  19. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    So much this, I just want to hear them update maybe once a day like, " Still ongoing attempts to fix." So I don't feel crazy and alone with this crazy ping that I NEVER had before in game.
  20. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    yes it was rofl am NA
  21. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    Legit question, when do you guys ballpark that this will be resolved? I logged in after maintenance thinking maybe it'd be better but it's not.
  22. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    Some of my friends say it's gotten better, but I still can't run dungeons like Ebondrake or Desolate because if I get near a boss my ms goes over 1000. I can't fight the in game bosses at celestial either. It's hard to enjoy like this.
  23. Status of Servers

    I had under 100ms before all this started though and the game is still unplayable( 300-500ms and over 1000 at bosses). Also, BNS Support checked everything they could on my end and it's not me. Some areas their ping has returned to normal except for some spikes, but some areas like me are still hugely suffering. We can't just deal with it, I can't play at all.
  24. Status of Servers

    Except there's been no updates for days. T^T It's the 5th. And some of us, like me, have been dealing with the ddos much longer. For me it's been 10 days ongoing since I put a ticket in. I can't do dailies because my lag is so bad I can't get close to bosses to hit them to get credit or contribute to fights. My best guess is they're going to wait to fix it until next maintenance AT LEAST because then they won't have to do an unscheduled shut down.
  25. Leeches, AFKers

    On the topic of the current extra lag going on and loading screens I have a solution I use. Find one person who will party with you- a friend. Be the leader of the party go through all loading screens and get in the dungeon and then recruit. This way you're safely in.