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  1. I have a question about the new event

    Hello ShaznarilaDera! This is intended. For the 4th stage you have around 3 minutes to deal 180 million damage. Poor content choice but it appears they intend to kill the game ASAP. There's some nice boxes in F10 right now, so hope it will help you reach your goals! Best regards!
  2. Burning Mausoleum and Sacred Longgui Stage 4+

    Avoiding the attacks is not a problem, doing all the damage is, however. We're not all full TT gear with a true max soul. I'd appreciate some actually difficult content that it's actually skill based instead of an afk dps hitbox with a way too short enrage timer than the average player can beat.
  3. Legends Reborn Event and Bloomtime Jackpot Arrive April 10

    Are there any plans to lower the difficulty of the event dungeons? The temporary weapon doesn't help much when the target dps for the content is 1.3 million dps...
  4. Thanks

    the weapon drops from stage 3, but even so it's not enough for any character you have to be able to clear stage 4 nor the harder version of the F8 dungeon. really disappointed that even events are now locked behind the p2w wall...
  5. Summer Groove Variant

    Hello! I have noticed the night after The Rise of the Gunslinger patch that Poolside Groove (the adornment for the Summer Groove outfit) can no longer be equipped with the Summer Groove Variant (the lyn female exclusive outfit). I have waited to report this issue as i thought it would be quickly solved, but it seems noone else has noticed/reported this. Is this intended, or is it a bug noone found yet? Please help me as i would like to look cool again! :(