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  1. LMFAO, man. If you are trying to argue, you pick the wrong person. I have only one main character and she has GC 6 (almost get enough steel for stage 9) plus full end gear except pet, average 3 hours+ gaming time every night. I join 2 or 3 raids every week. My clan party do HM train almost everyday and we can clear BC to RT less than 1 hour. Why should I bother finding random party in F8? Moreover, I have got enough bad experience in F8 in the last 2 years. I am tired of teaching rookies mechs. I spend my money on my character for having fun, not dealing with all kinds of drama with random players. Making a new character from zero? I do not have to. I can afford a TT ready account if I want to play another class. Frankly speaking, I do not really care about if other players are willing to pay. If they want to leave because of high cost in game, that is their choice. I just want to ask you, which part of you get what you paid for you cannot understand? P2W players do not get anything for free, because they paid NC before they get anything, which is not your so-call benefits. And why should not NC give more attention to customers who are willing to pay them? They do not get any profit from f2p players and pleasing players who pay for the game is what they should do. It is sad to say that money talks, but that is the truth. The last part of your reply makes zero sense. It seems that you cannot catch my point on my posts. I did not ask for refunding anything. I am just pissed off by their relaxed attitudes towards losing 64 gem powder. Compensating for the gems do not give paying players more advantages, because they have already paid for that in all kinds of cash events. Actually, if NC is willing to compensate reasonable amount of materials everytime they do upgrading reduction, I will be very happy to see that and I will not feel bored in the game. Extra materials will help my character progress further. I will still have a lot of things to do in game. NC would never refund you tradable mats except gem powder, so breaking the market is very unlikely. I am willing to buy NC coin because I want better gaming experience. Greedy? You must lose you mind. Am I reply to a comedian? I just want to make sure my gaming experience is worth every penny I spend and my money does not grow on tree. If you are playing this game free, just spend more time and stop complaining about your so-called advantages. Nothing comes free. PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER ME ANYMORE. BORING CONVERSATION WITH YOU ANYWAY.
  2. 64 gem powder is not a lot, but it is worth like 1k gold now. Willing to pay to win does not mean I am an idiot. In theory, you can farm everything in game except raid stuffs as long as you can spend hours in BNS everyday. I just chose to save my time and pay NC. Anyway, BNS is not everything in my life. Yes, I have some money to spare in NC coins, but it has nothing to do with you and please do not judge that in your own perspective. It will cost money to run the game and players who spend money in game are supporting this game to survive. Without those who will buy NC coins, do you think NC will run the game for f2p players only? I am sorry to hear about F8 situation, but I do not use F8 for random party very often except event dungeons. If you want to experience latest BNS content, gear up first please, at least reaching the dps bottom line. Latest dungeons are always prepared for geared players, not low geared players. Currently, recommended AP for HM BC is about 1260++ according to dungeon description. You can gather a 6-man party with about 1300 ap and have a try to clear that. You might make it, but it will be long and painful. By the way, NC did not give pay-to-win players any benefits because they paid for all of that, which is no money no honey. Too many benefits? Sounds like a joke. NOTHING IS FREE and you get what you paid for. Just read carefully, I was not complaining that they should refund everything. I was mainly pissed off by their attitudes.
  3. What are you talking about? I know it is a long post. But please read carefully before you reply, OK? Unfortunately, I am one of those pay-to-win players and I started playing BNS since it was released. If there were not p2w players, BNS would shut down long ago. Moreover, what made me angry is Youmukon's relaxed attitude towards losing 64 gem powders. In the last 3 year, I spent about $ 5000 and hundreds of hours in this game, so is it wrong for me to ask for better service from them as a loyal customer? If NC cannot make me happy in the game, then they do not have my business.
  4. @Youmukon @Hime @Cyan The stream on Wednesday was the worst. They did not even want to give us more details. Apparently, NC is not ready to launch awakening patch. Please go and find somebody who can actually host the live stream. I do not know what you or your team are thinking about, but I can tell you that EVEN LOSING ONE GEM POWDER IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Those dyad gems are really expensive to get. I have 2 dyad gems now and one of them cost me 800 trove keys. 64 gem powder may cost me 2 decent gold farming days or at least 30-50 trove keys. You are so relaxed to talk about losing 64 gem powders, which made me so angry. I really hope NC west has a customer support number so I can get you on the phone and yell at you. DO NOT GIVE ME compensation BS. Compared to cost of next generation gems, compensation is nothing. You are not stupid and you can definitely tell how in game population is dropping. Although many players are planning to come back to Blade and Soul after awakening patch is released, how many of them will stay as your loyal customers with all these bad decisions your team made? Moreover, many old players are very unhappy with some recent changes in game and some of them have left. I can totally understand that your boss may have profit expectation for you guys every month or every quarter so you are trying to make Blade and Soul more profitable. But I think you ignore the truth that if you cannot make your customers happy, you will not have their business anymore. All you guys have been doing these days is killing everybody's gaming motivation by conducting bad RNG cash events or event dungeons for low gear alts. If you can make RNG more play friendly, Blade and Soul will be in a different situation. Imagine that you bought 2000 trove key and got nothing great, would you swipe your card again next time? To be honest, Blade and Soul is a great game which has everything I love. I love the game to death and I am willing to pay some decent amount of money to enjoy the game. But the cost for Nova is insane. If it is your development team's final decision, I will quit the game without doubt. 370 pet packs and 119 scales? You kidding me? Do you play the game? Even if I am willing to pay to upgrade gear, the cost is still ridiculous. Why do not you make it 3700 pet packs an 1190 scales so every player will spend the last penny in trove? Hope your dev team can think twice before they finalize the cost. At least, make it reasonable. Blade and Soul is a good choice, but not my only choice. You guys just cannot understand that the more players you have in game, the more money you might bring in. I have been having a good time in BNS and it is hard for me to say goodbye. But you guys leave me no choice.
  5. What is going on

    Well, currently dungeons before NS can be regarded as really old content since NC west is trying to catch up with Korea BNS. You only need 700-800 ap to clear all the dungeons before NS, which is so easy right now. Unfortunately, development team cut easy daily gold for a lot of dungeons. So if you want to gain decent in-game currency every day, you will have to challenge newer dungeons, which means you will need better gear. By reducing rewards of old content, NC is forcing you to upgrade your weapons and accessories. At the same time, weapons or accessories, like aransu, requires huge amount of materials and materials like Hive Queen's heart is something you cannot farm. If players want better gaming experience and to save some time, they may have to spend some really money in events like trove to gather enough materials. Unless you are OK with your gear and old content. In a word, I think it is just some kind of strategy to milk players.
  6. My Annoyances with the Koldrak Raid

    If your character was killed in by the breath, that means he or she was not in the safe zone or attacking blind spot and you may want to use your resist skills. The dragon's attack pattern is predictable and you can avoid getting hit or knocked into lava. My character has 175k++ HP (50/20) without ice. Even if she is knocked into lava, I still have time to get her out and survive.
  7. My Annoyances with the Koldrak Raid

    Man, that is so easy. Just do not do Koldrak Raid. TBH, the camera in the raid sometimes is annoying. I have a BM and she rarely dies in Koldrak Raid. If you observe carefully other players, you will find some ppls are standing in the dragon's attacking blind spot, where you can avoid most of dragon's attack, including its breath, and dps in peace.
  8. End game progression

    Currently, VT is the most challenging 12 men raid. Before you join a VT raid, you should have full BT gear, including legendary accessories and soul shields, raven 9 weapon, plus a decent soul (true hongmoon energy +). When you are ready for VT, it is a good choice to find a clan which has static VT raid every week. Getting VT gear is not that hard at the moment because many clans can clear VT now. The hard part is to upgrade your gears. Aransu weapons and VT or SK necklace requires insanely numbers of moonstone crystals.
  9. It was just a buff for event, which made it easier for ppls to finish those top 6 men dungeons. If you find it is even hard for you to kill mobs, that means you should gear up. For normal mode 6 men dungeons, EXTRA CONFIDENCE will not make too much difference with decent-geared ppls because sometimes mechs overweight dps. BTW, most of ppls are smart enough to choose F8 parties so they can finish dailies fast and easy. If someone is recruiting 1k ap for Drowning Deeps, just do not join. Gear up and find a better party.
  10. a Request

    If you REALLY want the raven weapon, the sealed upgrade mats can be found in F5 marketplace and they are not very expensive. Or you can also buy some trove keys and try your luck. MMORPG, like BNS, is just a virtual world where people can relax. Players are trying to have fun in game instead of helping others, especially the strangers in cross server dungeon. When I recruit for RT, the latest 6 men dungeon, aransu 3 or 1200 AP will be preferable . I will not hesitate to kick who does not meet my requirement. NC west will never ever remove those party based daily quests.
  11. TBH, BNS is not designed for free to play and it will never be. It will cost money to maintain BNS server and hire technicians/GMs (although I do not think they are doing a good job). Moreover, running an MMO will also require profit, or the server will be shut down due to low or none profit. I do not know what your class is, but I think you can farm Mushin Tower F20. If you have normal gear, like raven 6, legendary soul and BT accessories, you can clear F20 pretty quick. Guaranteed 1 sacred orb and 1 or 2 elysian orbs if you are lucky. For my character, it will take 5 mins at most. Trove is not the NO.1 option because you do not know RNG. 200 keys may only give you some crit with all kinds of ugly costumes and bound-to-account materials. But secret safes are exceptional. It is really profitable to buy them in trove. I bought 6 last week and I got 3000+ gold. VT raid is also a good option to get some gold or gear up. In my clan, if something in great demand drops, such as Hive Queen's Barb, I can easily get 1k+ gold after we clear all 4 bosses plus 150 from dynamic quest boxes and weekly quests. Last but not least, gold price is cheap now (14 USD = 1000 gold), so can always buy gold from gold sellers. Just a tiny piece of advice for you here, try to gear up as fast as you can to catch up with others, because better gears = better gaming experience and latest in game content.
  12. How the hell does one find Vt raid

    If 150K dps is on the top of you clan DPS list, I assume others may have similar gears like yours. In theory, you guys can clear VT Boss 1 & 2, but it is going to be long and painful, definitely 2 healing stages, barely enough dps and zero mistakes. You are right about the mechs, but DPS is also very important, especially for Hive Queen and Red Emperor. Higher dps means less mechs. Less mechs means less mistakes and wipe-outs. Moreover, you should also max your belt and upgrade a decent pet so you can survive when you have debuffs. Just gear up or buy a carry run.
  13. How the hell does one find Vt raid

    TBH, your gear is not enough for VT. And according to your post, I assume you do not know VT and SK mech. With your gear, you probably get kicked in cross sever dungeon, like Drowning Deeps. If you want a static VT raid, spend gold, spend time and gear up. Your gear is your ticket to VT raid. Just face the fact that if you have a hard time finding a static clan raid, 80% is your low geared character. Moreover, not every clan is willing to carry their clanmates. PS: According to events in other regions, you might be able to buy VT soul badge, weapon mats and soul shields from Treasure Trove. Of course, you will have to wait until next 12 men raid is released.
  14. How find group for VT raid?

    If it is possible, please join a clan. Then you may have a chance to be a member of a static team or a back-up. DO NOT JOIN RANDOM RAID ALLIANCE. It is a waste of your time. Because some ppls do not even want to spend 5 mins to watch instruction videos. Moreover, even if you have 1100+ ap, please take a look at your pet and soul. Soul will improve your dps, maybe not by much, but decent enough, like 10-15%. Pet will improve your max hp, recover and life drain. If your pet is purple, the leader of a decent alliance will not even think about sparing you a spot in VT. For example, if you are DPS role on fire Asura side, you will have 2 stacks of debuff which will deduct your hp by 13200 every 2 seconds, after you block the orb. With the debuff, if you are hit by Fire Asura's falling sword, you will die easily.
  15. No, but it is very rare for me. When EL was released, I watched instruction videos a few times, did my first run and we cleared normal EL in my first run. Not like some ppls, I am willing to learn mechs before I try new dungeons, not being a retard in the first few runs and letting others do all the work. Except soul separation of second boss, EL has no mech if you and your teammates have enough dps and hp. To be honest, if you have a geared up character and you are willing to spend a few minutes learning mechs, it will be so easy for you to find a GUARANTEED CLEAR team, even if it is a new released dungeon.