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  1. Pretty sure they asked for the source of that information, not some observation, its a "Special" after, it should be discounted
  2. So, as we know, small dragon certificates are being removed this patch and all the the crafting recipes that require them have been changed to use Dragon certificates instead. There is just one issue with that. Where do Dragon Certificates come from? I have well over 2k small dragon certificates but I dont have a single Dragon Certificate. reading the tooltip i did all of the quests that are listed on it and still dont have even 1. a quick scan of google reveals no useful information on this and asking people within clan and on faction chat has also given no answers. Add to that, the fact that
  3. in the other regions, this change made all hongmoon gems 5g to mail, so this is likely what it will become
  4. A Polearm class (Think Yunsang) is most likely going to be the next class as it was the next most popular class idea after Gunner in KR
  5. Dear @Liinxy Ok, so levelling up another alt, I noticed that small changes were made to the storyline, locations of some npc's were changed to be more convienent, the puzzle in act IV requiring you to light up the lanterns in the correct order was removed entirely, etc. These changes were not listed anywhere but likely occurred during "routine server maintainence and modification". These are the kinds of things that perhaps go un-noticed by the vast majority of people, but numerous changes like this have been made outside of major patches. Sorry, but "routine server maintainence and modifica
  6. because sometimes its nice to get a little bit of information beforehand, especially about things being added/removed/changed, and NC WEST is notoriously bad when it comes to informing the players, we were given 2 weeks notice about both warlock and soul fighter being added to the game. LoL for example starts putting out information about the next champion like a month in advance, maybe even a little longer
  7. the special one can be sold on the marketplace
  8. I dont think you have a right to say what WE need, I think WE are pretty capable of communicating that ourselves. And saying that we should be happy with Patch notes the day before (which quite frankly happens only for major update, not small changes, these are NEVER documented) is silly. LoL releases patch notes, no matter how small, 1 week in advance, EVERY. SINGLE. PATCH. WoW does it at least 2 weeks in advance, this is in fact, the only game when I have updated my game without actually knowing what might have changed, the only game. Defending the communication by NC WEST is laughable, thei
  9. maybe there is even an option to give you amazing rng
  10. the other cosmetic items from lvl 45 content (Poh eyepatch, Cobalt Widow Blindfold, Scarlet Widow mask etc) could be good ideas to add as well, as the drop rates for them are very low, especially the BSH items
  11. So if there was a way for me (living in Aus) to play on a level playing field with you that that is unfair to you in some way? In case you hadnt noticed, the versions of BnS that are closer to me arent exactly english speaking. Sure, TW has an english speaking population, but they are the minority, same with JP, I dont know KR but I imagine its the same. As some other people have stated, this global latency cooldown modifier doesnt give people an unfair advantage, it levels the playing field, and if you, who is talking about things being fair for everyone is unwilling to accept that, you are a
  12. Lol, they are spot on actually, there are big name streamers who actively win-trade on stream and dont get banned, NC cares more about their bottom-line than anything. If you whale hard enough, you can do whatever you want (within reason). trying to get good performance is very usually worth the risk because purely performance based changes (lag, fps, that kind of thing) are almost never activily targeted in banwaves. Most of the people I see whining about people seeking to better their performance are people who flat-out refuse to try it (for their personal reason which I wont judge of course
  13. So because I live in Australia I am not allowed to play with you, real good reasoning...
  14. on the topic of whether p2p works or not, yes, WoW is an exaple of p2p that works, you cant argue that, I am not saying that BnS should be like WoW or anything like that, I am simply using WoW as an example of p2p being highly successful, no need to go jumping the gun there bud
  15. P2P is dead, I guess thats why WoW shut down, cuz no-one is willing to pay $10-20 a month to play a quality MMO. Oh wait, that didnt happen...
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