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  1. At least they could let us have the new purple tail bangle.Why did they do this to the FMs?
  2. @DispleasedI totally aggree with you! :)
  3. Hello All, Purple tail bangle was realesed for the first time with the last trove event.Also this is the first bangle which has different color so far.I always wanted to use bangles with different colored tail.Blue or purple etc. You know it is untradable and this is so sad.Please make it tradable or release more different colored tail bangles. Thanks!
  4. @Dominator I forgot that BT Raid's Clan Leader's nickname.If I mentioned his nickname in post you can find him here.But I really am sure he got e-mail from BnS Support Team about scamming people.So they will never do that again. @amokk I announce my own raid team from faction/region chat nowadays.I could not find a clan where players do raids well organized. Yesterday I have run BT 1-4 again and a players from team told me that "Do not split the gold,take it for yourself!" and then I saw someone recruiting players for their own raid team like "No auction gold
  5. Also FM uses Elemental Forces to fight with their enemies.They do not have even a good weapon.Most players do not like bangles.As I said give FM PARTY ELEMENTAL ATTACK +ATTACK SPEED BUFF!
  6. Finally I found someone who can understand me! Players don't read the entire post or they try to seem like they didn't understand the suggestion! As I said,I just want FM's to have REALLY GREAT PARTY BOOST/ENHANCE/BUFF LIKE """ELEMENTAL ATTACK BOOST+++ATTACK SPEED""" Like you said which is called RED BUFF/DRAGON BUFF maybe. Thanks! :P
  7. I am not trying to tell that FM is a bad class or FM is weak etc. There is no Elemental Attack Power Buff/Attack Speed Buff also FM could have buff,Why not? This can be really good. @FrozenB Also maybe players do not prefer movement speed for now but there will be dungeons and raids or field areas which players need movement speed and party resist.Who knows? @Asuramon
  8. If you want to understand what I tried to tell,you could have understood well! This topic is not about any English education level or I am not here to make you fix grammar mistakes I made. The summary is I have solved this issue via BnS support. Also you do not have to remind any mistakes! If you are here for something do better things.For example fix/improve the entire post and share it with us.So other players can understand all well!
  9. tHello Players! There are so many Party Enhance Skills in BnS you know but FM doesn't have a good one.This makes finding a party with FM harder,everyone wants SB,BB,Reset,Tank and there are left 2 spots to join etc. Also SIN has BB KFM has BB+Threat Gunslinger has Reset Summoner has Great Heal+Projectile Resist+Cat Charm+Also can revive the party members Soul Fighter has Heal+Movement Speed+Party revive Blade Dancer has Party Resist+Movement Speed+Also heal+Removes som
  10. Hello Everyone! I joined BT alliance this week and we failed at Raven(we tried to kill him so many times) and on maintanance day in this week at night the server was insanely laggy and there was delay also F5,F2...etc. were crashed! We showed the raid leader our gears or told our APs and he invited us to alliance but after we've done 1-3 succesfully he started to troll! He didn't wanna give gold to one of our members because he died too much! and I still don't if he gave his gold or not.We arranged meeting for next day to kill Raven King and all members were in but he trolled again
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