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  1. Mastery box

    Hi. Can someone Tell me.. can I upgrade pet aura and soul from mastery box ?(1600nc)
  2. Gunner hm skills + acc

    Thanks for answer. :)
  3. Gunner hm skills + acc

    Hi, which hm skill should i have on fire Gunner and which brancelet tiger or divine? Thx for help
  4. 1. What is best way to farm gold? 2. Brancelet for fm (fire) will be Tiger? 3. How much should i spene on fire ring and earings from skybreak?
  5. Bd vs wl vs fm

    Which class will be the best for battleground dungeons pvp ? Wl bd or fm?
  6. Which class pvp/pve

    What about Bd ? I like his skills a lot😁 Is he usefull at dungeons? Battlegrounds? I dont like warden really :/ i hope he will be nerfed
  7. Which class pvp/pve

    Prefer dps. Can be mele .. ranged i like both
  8. Which class pvp/pve

    Which class will be the best for pvp /pve. I had long break im bns.. and i want to know who is worth to play. I have fm 55 hm11 bd 50 hm 5/6/7 Wl hm 7/8 but i have only eq at fm.. :/ any advise? /sorry for eng.
  9. DPS - FM or BD ?

    Who is better dps class ? FM or BD ? ( Arena ,6v6,pve )
  10. Server Merge Discussion

    U guys are dumb :) If you have problem with server consolidation Just leave :) a few people have problem its funny .. go find another game. Play minecraft.
  11. Server Merge Discussion

    It means servers will be off after 26th?
  12. SS battleground

    What about the new SS someone have it ?
  13. SS battleground

    Hi, Which SS should i have for Battleground ? / Flame skills
  14. Gems

    Hi, How can I get now Hongmoon square ruby ? and others like this ?
  15. soul shield now ..

    Hi, Which ss i should try to get ? Full msp or the new one ?