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  1. I mean the cooldown would be fine if the boxes were to stay openable after the event duration ends, if we have the keys for them. Is such thing the case or the boxes will be unavailable to open as usual after the event duration ends? @Hime If we can't open them after 13th, I'd suggest people to farm keys on their alt characters to open boxes, because for whatever reason, cooldown isn't account bound, it is character bound so you can open multiple boxes a day by opening them on your alts. If wasn't aware of that, here is something useful to know I guess.
  2. 263 keys, not a single 3 star crit lol
  3. Ticket: #23597511 Character name: Xenocrates Server: Jinsoyun (EU) 90% of the outfits I collected over 4 years of time is removed and they were all from F10 boxes or purchased from the merchant long ago this bug thingy exploded...
  4. Some people constantly speedhack in battlegrounds in EU for a long time now and they don't get banned after getting reported either. The ones doing that are mega whales so... you get what I mean... It is funny that people can speed hack so easily and openly in the game both in PvE zones and PvP zones but, I honestly feel like recording and reporting them is a waste of time. Done that many times, they all got away with it. Even the most obvious ones that were just flying on the map with classes like, summoner or FM. They are seen in the video like they are using the freaking Sin ult
  5. @Hime It is about to be a whole month for a simple dynamic reward to be fixed. I could have made **minimum** 30~40 Sacred Oils during this time from farming Soulstone Plains but it is just gone. I can't make gold, I can't gain Sacred Oils to upgrade my gear, one of the greatest farm sources in the game for me is gone and I am as you would expect, pretty frustrated about the situation. Is there no way you could provide an update about this, about if this will get fixed at all ever? This is so frustrating to see something like this that could likely get fixed in 30 minute
  6. So far I've used 176 Keys on Trove and these are ALL the 3* Crits I've had. I don't even want to comment much on this, how are these even 3* crits... The only thing, ONLY THING I wanted in the trove was Olympian outfit but instead i got these 3* crits and couldn't get the only thing i wanted in trove with 176 keys Album Link: https://imgur.com/a/Zgd5Zvp Didn't want to put 4 pictures and take a ton of space for them, but just wanna put 1 of those 4 crits here out of that album, because this is even more of a joke than the one that was posted in this topic. Even the 2* c
  7. You are failing to see the whole main point of this topic with this comment... The player mentioned with the amount of runs he did isn't even a PVP player, I just asked how many runs he did and how many drops he have seen. He was just farming those dungeons for the gold income from drop and bids on them (like gold chests). I gave run numbers of my character and my friend's just as an example of horribly low drop rates of the accesories. If you read the topic again, all of it, perhaps you would understand the problem.
  8. That's the point yeah. I Also opened a thread about this on reddit and someone's comment about being forced to do PVP for PVE HM Skills is true too. The PvE Player version of this cause would be HM Skills. Most of them have the "Obtain through PvE" alternative, but pretty much with impossible to get drop rates. It feels kinda the same, they just get forced to do PvP so they can buy the needed stuff with Zenbeans/BP.
  9. So, many people probably would disagree with me considering the majority of BnS community plays PvE and doesnt really like PvP, but as a player who highly dislikes PvE content in games in general, having only 1 way to get your PvP gear, and that is through PvE seems unfair to me. I think there should be an alternative way to get PvP accesories, and that alternative way should be through PvP instead of PvE, so PvP players can actually enjoy the game while progressing for their gear instead of forcing themselves to do the same dungeon 200+ times to get enough orbs and in the progress
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