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  1. Madnes WD AP buff on 4 and V doesn't match description

    Same thing with the 1.2% AP stack from "Berserk" : no equipment to proc nothing : I used 1F to go through the dummy on Mushin's Hall to only do 1 hit and not proc blood ire : The first stack work, 783/774 = 101.16% so as ap is rounded, i got the 1.2%ap buff I then i fight the dummy for 10s with the same gear, so I should get 3 stacks, 3.6%ap buff : 787/774 =101.67% so for 3 stacks i got only a 1.67% buff instead of 3.6% At my normal gear i have 1713ap so i'm missing ~32ap So with all those % issues i'm missing 87ap on 90+% uptime buffs.
  2. I ran some test on Madness WD, the description of "Berzerk" says : +8%AP for 10sec when using Seismic Strike Before using 4 I have 1713AP : I use 4 on nothing because it's "on use" so nothing else can proc : 1825/1713 = 1.065382 so a 6.5% increase instead of 8% Blade Ward spec 1 is supposed to give 10%AP : I start with the same stat as before, 1713ap, this is what i got in Blade Ward : 1854/1713 = 1.082311 so 8.23% increase instead of 10% At my gear level that's represent a total 55ap missing on buffs that has 90+% uptime.
  3. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    I don't support people who are insulting the staff, but THEY are insulting us , the community, by acting like that. They don t respect us, we all invest time/$ in this game and surprize buttsex ! Stop suckin their dick, they are doing a really bad job. BTW the compensation doesn't even cover 1% of what most of us has lost...
  4. Amara ring that i dropped before patch didn't work to upgrade tt ring. Needed to farm a new one to upgrade stage 6->7.
  5. You guys are so salty :O Ok the 8m range of frost warden is stupid AF and even look weird when you play. (I m slashing the air and it kill everything OMEGALUL) If you can't PvP warden you re just bad and never read their skill (no CC imune if you re not attacking DuH) And to the "MUUUUH PVE BROKEN TANK THEY DON T HAVE TO BLOCK" : Play the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤in class and try to block when you re ani lock for 1.2s on every skill. inb4 I play BM and WD and i enjoy tanking on both class
  6. Too Many Buttons

    EZ 2RF KFM combo just by holding LMB
  7. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    This are the 2 problemes... You have to find a good comp with people that know the mech... -> maybe 10-20% of the player base have enouth friends and can do that. The other 80-90% have to PUG at least 2 or 3 person to enter this shit. And the dungeon is way too long for the reward you get... -> noboby want to loose there time in there. The bomb tiking issue is just horrible. BTW, the idea of the dungeon is really good, "harcore dungeon" are cool, but this is clearly not what an event should be. And they shouldn't put black gem as reward of this kind of event, it will drive more people to leave the game than make them to love the game even more... So this dungeon shouldn't be an event, it ruin their 2nd anniversary, but I'm sad that it will disapear in 3 weeks because it would be a great dungeon to train on time to time.
  8. Marketplace suggestion

    YOU should take a class in Economics Bigger bundle = lower price, that's how economy work everywhere in the world... Your communist idea will ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up BnS's marketplace
  9. Need announcement for the NA severs lag

    IMO the servers crashed yesterday just after they quit, and today nobody work because 07/04 amerifag shit... But is it normal to not having a "emergency team" to deal with problem like this one, or at least communicate and tell us "yes there is a problem". Right now they just loosing player for "not giving a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about the game" because it's Independence Day ... If it's DDOS attack, hacker are pure genius xD
  10. So, since yesterday NA servers are totaly ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up. It's OK to have server problems, to get DDOS, to get overload or whatever... The problem right now is not the "lag/ping issues", it's the silence from NCWest! Please dev, do an announcement, explain us the problem.
  11. Might be the reason servers are lagging

    same server -> they need to reset the server They also need all the bandwidth of the server to upload the game on it
  12. Might be the reason servers are lagging

    The release date of MxM is tomorrow,.. They need the game to be playable... So the maintenance is today.
  13. Game is unplayable after the update

    Since XINGCODE has been implemented, I have big fps drop and by checking all my computer I found something interesting: my GPU don't enter "gaming mode". My GPU consider the game as if it is my desktop -> FPS drop whenever I do something... If someone has an idea how to solve that, it could help lot of people I think :)