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  1. Armory chest(s) - missing stuff!

    I just checked in game all the armory boxes and none of they gives legendary jewels, just see it for yourself in game at the dragon express.
  2. Server Busy = Out of Stock

    same, but also the twitch extension didnt wanted to function. I got there very early, at the moment the stream goes on and I lose almost 15 mins trying ot make it work, it took me out for programming such shitty extension and giving such poor amount keys for BOTH NA/EU. wtf
  3. At this point, it doesn't matter much anymore, just wanted to know if you ppl got same problem. Stayed awaken for nothing, even thou the amount of outffits they gave for NA/EU was so short that probably I would not get it anyways.
  4. Sunfire Outfit Selection Chest

    Both statements are wrong. 1) check this and ur gonna see Clockwork shogun was released as pouch to be tradable with tokens. 2)Vanguard and Virtuoso are new outfits, they are at botton wardrobewith other new releases. It is not the first time to see outfits locked behind RNG, but it is indeed first time to be obtainable those 2.
  5. actually thats not true, if you open "equipment upgrade path" tab at inventory you can notice this. Also since the very beginning of the game, sacred crystals (in the past, called frozen stinger) were obtained at pve content and soulstones at pvp to upgrade pre legendary weapons, while nowadays, elysian crystals oppose moonstone. Truth being told, they always tried to force player base to pvp to obtain mats for pve content, but ppl don't like it. Sacred crystals pretty use of they I found out so far is to buy cheaper legendary jewels, using sacred crystals and soulstones crystals...but still use more soulstones than sacred
  6. DPS Tier [NA/EU] - 10/2017

    FM at bottom, just delete class already, it is easier than just ignore it existence.