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  1. Support telling me everything has been restored to my account and to post my concerns here. when I tell them to read comments here or check my account to see that I never recieved my restored gold or items they just close the ticket. #23606932 What a joke you clowns are @Hime
  2. We already know this isnt true @Hime plenty of people who never touched the merchant got their items removed and plenty of people who have still have all of their items and are probably selling them off like crazy or using them to upgrade. what about those people? Theres accounts out there running around with max pet and max talisman max psyches and still made hundreds of thousands of gold off petpods that you are now rewarding even further. You expect us to believe youre going to look into essetually every acount that logged in during the time the exploit was rampant and do a personal case by
  3. New pet tier will come new talisman. plenty of things to drain the petpods down. oils are still the bread winner item
  4. You guys must understand that this is wholly unaccetable, right? Not only are you taking away thousands of gold worth of saved up materials and just saying "oh well try again" but youre making these dungeosn give event currency and hardly anyone can do it first day. The lack of communication on the front was terrible too. how did it take a full week and hours after maintnace to say "oh this is wrong" is there no QA working at NCWest? im trying to be civil because i know a lot of these posts have already said all the nasty things that have come to my mind already so no need to repeat it. But th
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