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  1. Well you can't get everything you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing ask for can ya now kid? You didn't have to start getting shitty with me because I got your panties in a twist. I didn't say I didn't like your damn opinion so keep it in your pants. You need to take a freaking chill pill. And maybe some spelling lessons while you are at it. I was being perfectly nice. I didn't say anything rude to you. You need to learn to give ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing calm answers. Watch where that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ will get you in life.
  2. Oooo. This made my day. Not. I have played this game for YEARS. I have seen it in worse states than this. So this means nothing. ALSO. Lemme say this. It is NOT P2W WHAT SO EVER. Do you KNOW what PAY TO WIN is? The COSMETICS are expensive. The MEMBERSHIP is expensive. But nothing is "P2W" Thanks for the game suggestion but no thanks.
  3. Lmfaooo. You really did quote me on everything didn't ya? Lemme go down the list too then. :) Yea, it is pretty bad management but it doesn't make the game worse than ever. If you wanna see bad, look at Tera. And the loading screens actually aren't bad what so ever? Like I said before? I mean I guess it's up to what kind of computer or whatever. It takes less than 2 seconds for it to load for me. I have never had a problem with the loading screens. :) Sorry for that. Oh and it's 24 in NA I believe. I haven't seen anyone over that.
  4. You are aware you DON'T have to spend money on this game to finish it or to win right..? There is a lot of grinding but it's a game.. lmfao
  5. Actually, that is not true. I'm sorry you have a problem with the loading screen but everyone else I know who plays is just fine. My computer is super expensive so maybe their rigs aren't the best you may say?
  6. Bottom line here? IS Blade and Soul worth trying or playing? Now whatever I type... PLEASE NO HATE. JUST OPINIONS PLEASE!!!!! This game is.. OOF. I love it. Yes, the storyline is "original" in some peoples eyes but honestly the rest of the game is fun. No you cannot make it through the game without at least once, having to party with someone and defeat a boss in the dungeon. I say pay attention to some of your combos. No, you cannot just click and win. The max level is Level 55 HM 24. My highest right now is at Level 50 HM 5. I took lots of breaks alon
  7. Anyone wanna party up on the server Zulia? I'm a level 50 HM 5. And at the moment I am trying to get past the Twisted Grimhorn Wilds and to continue onto my main quest of Chapter 7: Stolen Innocence. I've been stuck on this for a while so if anyone could help me please :)
  8. I'm sorry! I didn't type that I wanted mounts on this topic..? Aha?
  9. Ah yea sorry for the mis type there. Why do you think -1 though?
  10. I got this from my recent topic.. Honestly, I would now MUCH rather have this over mounts! Opinions..? Windwalking* Sorry Mistype
  11. Awesome! Thank you for input ;D I am glad this game isn't P2P. c:
  12. Thanks for the input, but I do not have any interest what so ever in GW 2. Played that already. Lol. But I understand too where you are coming with they would make us pay. I was just putting on a topic with a suggestion. Ty for inputtt :D
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