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  1. Hello i from Poland and when clan BG is starting its 21:00 now this is 22:00 most of ppl sleep in EU time so pls change ths time a little or make it viable to all people! This will be better to play BG in day not in night! the best option will be maybe it like Koldrak’s Lair or battle royale! thx :)
  2. after awakened shadow > fire (fire only better dps in short fights)
  3. Gunslinger Shadow Guilde

    21112 talents disable bullet storm and awakened bs in K (until they not fix bulletstorm bug) and buy undying badge or arcana
  4. Fire burst dps to 1min fight and shadow for more dps in 1min+ fights
  5. Hej i have the same problem (and only in this game) when i play on my new laptop i got 120fps and 60-80 on the VT but no idea what happens now i have 15-20 in F8 boss fight and 10 on VT last boss :P i try EVERYTHING like u and support said after 10 posts from them "we cant help" so i give up :P if some know how to fix pls help :P Acer helios predator 300 Windows 10 - 64bit i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz Ram 8GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050
  6. skilled gunners? nope they just got EQ and tab + RMB
  7. Shadow gunner badge

    What badge do u prefer on shadow gunner and why? magnum or blue moon
  8. just nerf fire gunner burst will be better on BG and insta trippe shoot not 3x times to click or delete and make C or V apply to dark mark and dps will be OK. Worst situation got earth summoner no gear and OP dps difference vs wind summoner is huge!
  9. Predator G3-572

    yep i have updated all drivers to laptop and set all to my 1050ti in nividia panel and in battery options all for max perfomance (only maximum procesor state in plugged 99% becouse 90C+ if not, to reduce max 70C CPU) maybe becouse my internet or 2 graphic cards workings in the same time?
  10. I have Predator G3-572 i7-770 GTX 1050ti 8gb ram. What should my fps need to be in bns? i have 80 in dungeon (20 boss fight) 40-60 in mushin tower(near market) and 10 at Zulia. Its normal FPS?
  11. Hi after last patch i get 300+ MS in game only i have this problem? before last patch i was 120ms
  12. pls just do something with this item i cant send it to my main T_T i try write ticket to support and still nothing. When they do something with it? :C
  13. Trove

    is this trove legal? many ppl pay alot of money and got nothing... and some ppl pay nothing and get gems its not fair. this need to ów delete from game like rng boxes in some countries.