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  1. Producer’s Letter – February 2020 Update

    As far as your **** cash shop goes lately this will be the last time i ever log onto this site but i want to say i hope your company goes in the ground and u all go bankrupt have a lovely day have fun milking whats left of your player base althou i kno u could care less about that right milk it then shut servers down gg
  2. Missing Ncoins/Items/Trove Keys

    why would you spend money on this game when they lie and steal from people
  3. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    If it doesn't get fixed or compensation then final fantasy 14 is only 12 bucks a month and no p2w at all anything can be farmed from the game itself no need for rng box what so ever that saves me like 200 bucks on trove I think oh they don't screw over the community either
  4. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Just want to say it's stuff like this you guys do that is not right and makes people want to quit your game but it's okay you guys are doing it to yourself
  5. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    So no compensation for our old stuff thank you appreciate you screwing the community once again

    Oh why not fix your server issues as well and stop making this game more and more pay to win
  7. NCSOFT you are retarded why did you take gold away from daily challenge and on top of that nerfed everything from dungeons from gold to mats cant barely get gold now going to take 3 times as long to upgrade my weapon how do you expect anything other than whales to stay at this point was a great game now not so much but in my opinion I hope you guys go bankrupt
  8. Housing

    I like this idea as well a free roaming pet would be epic instead of it just flying over your head all the time
  9. Housing

    When I first started playing blade and soul you asked if we would like to see certain things so here it goes I would love to see housing in this game or housing area I would pay money for stuff like that for sure any chance this may or may not be comming
  10. beware ncoin codes wont apply nor activate

    the support team got back with me again they are just running me in circles no answers or of any help at all first they tell me I'm typing them in wrong then they say wait til further date to enter code now they want a snsp shot of the error message there is no error message ive said this already once to them the button greys and does absolutely nothing no messages just nothing
  11. beware ncoin codes wont apply nor activate

    yup no keys for us buddy but its alright in a few days we can have what we should have had today but no keys thank you support team
  12. beware ncoin codes wont apply nor activate

    I got the same response but 50 bucks worth of ncoin and I have to wait like dude I spent money why should I have to wait I don't understand they gave me no reason as to why it wont work and its not like they had to wait to get the money from me what do I get for waiting cause I don't have my 50 bucks I know that
  13. beware ncoin codes wont apply nor activate

    I'm assuming it must be the site being I'm not the only one with this issue
  14. I bought two ncoin cards today and neither of them will activate when applying code on the site so 50 bucks gone down the drain just informing those who try to buy ncoin cards must be something wrong with the site or something cause I have receipts and all it just sits there and active button greys out then comes back and no code appears to be applied to my game
  15. LD is better without having the HM-technique now

    its a bummer worst update ever