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  1. UPDATE So, what happens is adding to the fix above, I had to do another thing. I use MSI afterburner to control my fps in certain games that don't offer that option. Basically if I try to open the game with it closed to begin with, the game will fail to open and say it did a report to send to NCSOFT. If you try to open with MSI opened it will also not work, it will happen the same thing. WHAT TO DO THEN? Basically you will try to open once with MSI opened it will fail, now you close MSI and try again and it will work. Reminding that this is found to happen not only to MSI aft
  2. Hi I'm Apple! I've been playing this since January since before the 64-bit version client was launched so I was really happy when it came out. I enjoyed for a few days and then it simple puffed, went bad, errors and errors, game not opening or closing after a while for nothing, or bad fps til it simply wouldn't open anymore! I know these are issues for a lot of people so I tell u what I did this time and what could be the answer! So there are 2 possible things: the update itself, windows' FTH feature. Every time the game updated I was able to open the game or get close t
  3. In these dark times let this cutie lighten up your dayyy <3
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