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  1. Dragoncall better then Helix or is it me?

    that guy who said you cant move while spamming DC and Bombardment (ice build) doesn't really know how to play frost build... maybe he doesn't know how debuffs work which makes WL a very powerful class. The way he speaks seems his confident about what he is saying... Troll... XD
  2. Any static groups for NS (EU)

    Hi, is there a Discord group for NS (EU) like what is there in NA? I'm looking for good static group for NS to farm stuff.. i'm from Group 3 EU server.. thanks!
  3. Draken Bracelet

    this... why cant u just be happy because u have it and move on and stop trolling, i assumed (sour) u spent 2.5k gold for your bracelet and that's your choice because u wanted it so bad while some wait for them to get it in just less than 500 gold. this bracelet is not different with the other draken accessories, the only difference is the difficulty of the Dungeon. keep in mind that NS is not a Pug dung, people are picky with the people who join them in this dung. compared to other dung that drops leg items. some even banned hm10 players below for this dung, and some required you to post +5 +10 +20 achievement. Now if you have a static group or a good clan be thankful and move on, don't mix your own problems with the community because the community is fine and if you still dont understand that this game is about waiting for the right moment then you have to be reminded that this is a waiting game.
  4. Candycloud Park

    When you get the aggro, mud piles will rain down on you, those mud piles are unblockable and deals a decent damage. you can evade but not when your dancing.. B)
  5. Candycloud Park

    pretty annoying dungeon, RNG rewards!! but im lucky today i got a 1 million Exp reward from its box. :)
  6. i did see this being mentioned when the patch goes live.. Count before you press confirm, u have a calculator on your pc and also your mobile if your buying huge quantities..
  7. What are the 4/12 Warlock changes?

    for me.. DC still instant cast on proc, rotations are faster for me, the only thing i hate is they removed the repulse insta cast and the snare + insta cast on resist of 4 & V on SS.. and one more thing i have observed when i use thrall to stun, my familiar completely stuns a boss with 2 bars, not sure if that's how it should work because as far as i know its just 1 stun (1 bar)
  8. Dawnforge = Raven

    just to clarify, if you upgraded your weapon to dawnforge and you got the mats for raven can you switch it to raven by using mirror stone (Dawn +mirror stone = raven same stage) or you have to do like this Dawn + mirror stone = Seraph/bale = Raven i do understand that direct conversion is only possible in stage 6 but since we only got s3 we need answers..
  9. I spoke to the support team and this is what I've got.. No compensation but you can request a 1 time rollback (talk to them for more details)... and a statement from them.... "the primary reason for this update, as well as what was done with the Trove is so that players will get a faster way to gear up (and for newer players to catch up) so that everyone could have access to the latest content" The primary issue why this is happening is because of company's lack of information and transparency, providing information must be the first priority of NCSOFT before doing something that will have a major impact on the community. They can basically say it with no filter on the day they launch the Trove event that the primary reason for such event is to "read the statement above" as well as providing a bit of general information for the upcoming content such as tentative date of new content release, the revamps, new items, new maps and so so.. its totally fine without specifics at this time but this move will really help the community to make their choices, the good thing is, we players wont be able to justify our actions an ask for compensation because we know exactly what is happening..also, we dont really have to keep checking other servers like in Korea or whatever, they can simply tell us and give us the idea that something is going to happen. There's no transparency, i completely understand in the business aspect, however, a bit of information for their subscribers would not cost any company to collapse rather gaining the trust of the pool and increasing their profits..
  10. 4/12 Legendary Weapon Material Changes

    Nobody push you to rush....exactly, so just keep waiting until the final final patch come and then do your upgrades, i will guarantee you that the journey you took was quite formidable, sadly in the end of the day some things must come to an end. "The Waiting game"
  11. 4/12 Legendary Weapon Material Changes

    silly, people think having a max out seraph/baleful weapon gives you the golden ticket to enjoy the end game content.(fast runs for sure..that's about it, come to think of it.. i still join pug parties within 550+750 / if you dont get BT the only reason is your lazy period) i wish that was true.. you can not just lower the cost just because you want to or just because this is the "UPDATE" (new content), (and its not right to let players hoard and wait because they know that a huge price drop will happen on updates.. that's just crazy) you have to consider the parties involved and the changes should be within acceptable standards. Logically "if i'm going to sell you a insurance at this cost, im going to ensure you that the price in a few months will increase (normal market standards) if you dont take it now but the increase would be acceptable". now.. i dont really see the changes in this April acceptable but a total rip off.. very simple explanation. the value you spent should not be thrown away outside the window (and were not talking about years here, this is just in a few months) just because there's the update or new content or whatever it is..
  12. 4/12 Legendary Weapon Material Changes

    Now... this is a total rip off...those SPTS/Forging Orbs that i used to get to stage 10 leg... its a shame NCSOFT for doing this to us.. </3 i wont say anything now, once this patch is live and we don't get anything in return, at least...break even on the cost of the pre-patch expenses or something to compensate it. prepare yourselves NCsoft... this is not a threat just a reminder...
  13. Ap for dungeons

    This is not absolutely true.. HM levels are not the basis of how experienced the player is.. HM level is just a tier which gives u a little AP and skill points that's about it. It is an important element in terms of understanding that the time spent "WELL" (practicing that dungeon) is more important than Time spent in the game with your character. Judging players by their covers (HM) is completely overrated..
  14. unfair??.. seriously.. isn't that your choice to be a f2p or a p2w, also.. even if its p2w vs p2w do you think its going to be fair? no... definitely no, not going to happen.. even if both p2w spent $$$$ for this trove event, they wont be in the same situation with other players who spent the same amount..rarest i have seen is a 150g sapphire gem out of 500 keys, yeah out of 500 keys and some people get that proc more often than me or other dudes out there. so whats really fair? remove p2w.. then goodluck game..
  15. [EN] [Cerulean] [Clan] ChasingFluffyDragons

    i cant find you. ill just catch Vihu ingame when i play, normally im online during evernings (Gmt+03) play for 3-5 hours on weekdays, i can also use ts thats not a problem, hopefully can catch u later. your ts3 id ill add you now??