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  1. yup, you are right.... Then, the summoner can have 2 pets, one that can be controlled with skills and the other that just do simple commands like attack, stop and follow. I want a real pet, not a pokemon in my shoulder T_T!
  2. The summons looks feral?! really? They can really wear armors and kind of weapons like claws or big horns? Maybe the summoner can have only aura pets xD!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm litterally new in this game (just started as SF a few days ago), I played the beta from the start (Korean server), and loved the game since then, sadly I left it for quite long time. Well, all the mechanics of the game looks really great, but something I dont like so much are the pets. I mean, these pets looks so cute, childhish and toon like, well, ok if yu want something like that but as a companion, a chi ghost or something but not a pet properly saying, I think. My humble opinion is that a nice pet could be something like in the pictures attached.
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