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  1. First thing I did when I found out they were dropping controller support was cancel my premium.
  2. So is everyone who uses controller just supposed to quit?
  3. I've never played with anything but controller. It was one of the reasons I used to love this game. Been playing since day one. And now they just remove it? I submitted a ticked and they just replied: "Upon checking, it appears that it's intended that Gamepads/Controllers are no longer supported in the UE4 Build of Blade and Soul. We hope this info helps." No, it doesn't.
  4. Yes please! I only ever use controller and I started playing this game on launch because it had controllers support. Am I just supposed to quit now? :c
  5. Since controllers are no longer supported I can no longer play. Please bring back controller support.
  6. If there is no controller mode I will no longer play this game.
  7. Exactly this please. The compensation bundle is a very week consolation compared to all the daily rewards, items in the dragon express you can only buy once or twice a day, enchanted tickets and the day of premium membership we lost. If I pay for a service (premium membership) I expect to receive it.
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