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  1. In hardmode and challenge mode it is intended to be uniframable and an instant kill. (Also these changes look great, thanks for putting in overtime to get these out ASAP.)
  2. I've somewhat had the impression that today's patch was not meant to bring large scale mechanics changes, but that is not why I listed the elements I had checked. I did so because the initial post states "stats on bosses," and what NCWest considers a "stat on a boss" is unclear. If the changes this patch were to be so insignificant that it would be undetectable without a magnifying glass of scrutiny, perhaps it would have been better to declare 'stat adjustments' in a different manner? Perhaps even not at all and instead announce simply that they're working on it. Lowering a boss's invisible d
  3. I've just run some quick tests on all the bosses noted to have received stat changes this September 25th patch, namely, the bosses in The Shadowmoor, Dreamsong Theater, Brood Chamber, Warped Citadel, and Cathedra Cliffs. There appear to have been no significant changes to health, phase percentages, instant kills, nor notable individual attacks. Strangely, completed unrelated dungeons seemed to have received changes, solo dungeons once again allow the use of dragonblood and the thunder in Midnight Skypetal Plains return to killing all mobs surrounding Moonlight Monstrosities. If th
  4. Agreed, even if a fixed party of 6 players coordinated their orb usage over 6 days, they'd still only be able to practically use one per day. Their weekly rewards as well would only amount to 3/7 days where they could get both daily event rewards, and that's completely ignoring the issues with cross-server, rotating groups of players with more than 6, and the daily logistics of assembling an orb each day (it's not fun). I understand the team may need time to implement more long term solutions, but a band-aid fix now would go a long way retaining the enthusiasm the community's built up for this
  5. If I apply my pet appearance while my aura is below stage 10, will I lose the appearance if I upgrade the aura to legendary?
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