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  1. I'm using Xbox 360 pad and the camera won't move I can just walk in front of me, before I quitted I remember I could play better, anyway is there an option to fix that pls? Other ppl in game said to press Alt+right mouse button, it work a bit but than I'm again frozen and move foward ><
  2. forgot to say I played Blade and soul when there was cap 45 till lv 50. After the patch with the raid Khanda Vihar I start to have this issue and pc turned off when playing. I had to quit the game, I try to come back now and pc shut down when I started to download the patch 2 and then also inside the game after 10 min or so... with Others game I don't have any problem like I said before and since I played the game before well I believe there is something... hope you guys can found out and help ><
  3. I have this problem too, I'm playing Batman Arkham Knight and FFXIV didn't give me any problem but with BnS after last summer my pc keep shut down when running, someone can help pls?^^
  4. speccialy now there is another legendary path and ppl will get 800+ ap and ppl who can't afford legendary now got 600+ ap cause no more accessory path also and then what's the point to put new dungeon if only ppl with high gear can enter?
  5. yes cuz first forl all I don't say new legendary weapon just normal path after the true ivorymoon, second one yes not everyone play all day in one game, ppl have life third point other game have different wepon and gear it's called balance though and who ever don't undarstand or say think before talk should at least play other MMPORG, I played Aion and FF XI and XIV now, there are all type of gear pro and not pro
  6. I see that now, but hope you guys will make the Ivory Accessories upgradable, because the one you got from dungeon are less powerfull than the old Hogmoon one and with that the new ppl aren't able to do dungeons for gain the legendary one cause for sure there will be someone complain about low ap, I also hope a new path after theTrue Ivorymoon weapon so for the one who can't afford the legendary can keep going with that one^^
  7. Ty, I know about salvage that, but moonstone for me it's the easiset to get, with the chest from battle point, but for unlock gem need a lot of gold and difference between player there now it's a lot, I got killed in 3 hit with someone as 800+ Ap . I did dungeons till Asura, but anyway I want to see other dungeons also, what's the point to put them if only the pro can done that? I don't think I'm the only one with this problem. My clan just go with ts if you don't you're stuck (but I don't complain about that, there is a dungeon and can go with random ppl so I'm fine with it, usually I fi
  8. Hello, I turn my True Scorpion in to Legendary weapon and I got only 3 Gems spot open instead to 6, I wanted ask if it's possible to the ppl who already unlocked them all to be the same when you upgrade it, I can understand if there was a totaly new weapon like the Galaxy one. And then also I wanted to suggest a new gear path cheaper and less powerfull than the legedary for help ppl which don't have much time to play to get a least a decent gear, cause now I see on pvp and pve ppl who has 800+ ap and other ppl stack to less on 650 ap. I don't want to penalyze ppl who have much time, but at lea
  9. Hello, I really enjoy to play BnS, good storyline and awesome combo animation, but for me the gear it's too expansive and players have to play really alot to accomplish that, I meant players like me who play just 2-3h per day can't afford that, so I suggest to make a second cheap path on weapon and accessories (of course less powerfull than the other ones, cause is good for who has more time to have better equip) but just to help both players to have fun and have a decent equip. I also disagree on lost the gem slot after upgrade if already you unlocked it before. I can understand on Glaxy we
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