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  1. New players

    No. You get weapons while you level and you should use those until you get the unrefined Scaleburn weapon (go to grand harvest square and buy the weapon chests until you get one with 6 or more gem slots to make life easier c:). Depending on your character and the element you use, you upgrade this weapon to either baleful or seraph and continue upgrading from there.
  2. few questions about blademaster

    Lightning is harder than Fire, thats what people will tell you if u ask them. Ofc you can play Lightning BM and it does quite a lot of damage if you have lower ping and know how to anti cancel. I myself love my Fire BM and also have friends who play Lightning BM without any problems ;) So stay with your favourite element get the right gear for it and enjoy the game!!!
  3. What weapon path should I choose?

    Im a fire BM with a Baleful Stage 12 weapon and going Raven 3 soon I've calculated the cost differences between rift/dawn and raven with the result that thw raven path is much cheaper ( I wanna add that going from bale/seraph 10 -> Raven 1 is much cheaper that going from bale/seraph 12 -> Raven 3. But my luck is amazing and they reduce thw upgrade paths always after I upgraded my weapon and stuff, rip) If you are a fire BM definitely go Raven, since the Raven weapon gives better 'Bonuses' for your skills and its also much cheaper than the other upgrade path. You will habe to spend more Elysian Crystals, but therefore save over 1k soul stone crystals and you will need soul stone crystals foe other upgraded as well, unlike elysian crystals. Thats my opinion, I hope I helped you👍
  4. New Player - Class suggestion

    Annysan's answer covered really a lot. Ill just add a few more things: -Destroyer needs good gear to do great damage, especially the earth element. They are weak if they are not geared, but they aren't boring. -I dont think there is a pvp class, since all classes can pvp as well as pve (just need to switch the element for some classes and get different accesories/weapon/soul shield) -For a sf u NEED your soul badge and some HM skills to make the class work/stronger. -Im not sure how you think about this, but the difficulcy of the classes kinda plays an important role. The hard classes (sin/kfm/bm) need low ping and knowing the rotation u cant just spam two buttons and hope for the best. But its also more fun to play them cuz u challenge urself and use more skills. (Personally i found it boring af to level up my warlock cuz u basically use one combo, while playing with my sf was rlly fun.) -For the BM there are two HM skills that will boost ur damage/party protect. But they need PVP to get them. So that might be a disadvantage. Its still possible to play the class normally without the skills (they arent a must). As a BM (or KFM) u are mostly expected to tank. But u can get uded to it or go to the Hongmoon Training Room and practise there by fighting bosses. I think u might enjoy playing the BM class, but im not sure. It doesnt require endgame gear, just low ping, and ur ping is good. If u start with tje BM it might be a very weak class in the beginning, but that changes so dw. Its rlly fun once u hit lvl 45/50. The fire build is easier to play and does great damage. (The lightning build is more pvp or u need ur ping to be lower than 50 to be able to time the anti cancelling properly. Other than that, fire is better)
  5. Since you use 'Transformation Stones' for all upgrades now, the Moonwater TS costs increased a lot. Last time I checked they costed 17 gold per one. So not worth upgrading in my opinion.
  6. Salvaging gives you 20 Legendary Jewels. I think its worth it.
  7. What's the deal with Pierce Damage ^?

    If Im not wrong, then this skill is on the basic stance. Once you get to a higher level, you will barely use the basic stance, since the draw stance does most of your damage and you will want to stay in it to tank/do a lot of dps.
  8. Blade Master easy fun in pve hard to play in pvp

    I remember getting better in pvp when I hit lvl 50 HM2 or higher. Also since I got the HM skill for my searing slash (4) It was much easier to win fights. But yeah, you meed to practise and maybe watch some videos to understand how you should fight. Good Luck!!
  9. game crash and interface setting issues

    same. its horrible
  10. Problems with Lag

    Apparently, its not just us who experience this horrible lag. A lot of ppl just complained in the faction chat about their game lagging a lot. Hope they fix this problem soon -_-
  11. Problems with Lag

    Same here actually. I usually play with a ping that's 200+ and my game lags often, but yesterday it wasn't normal lol. My game crashed a lot and the lag was horrible, even tho the connection was fine. I stopped playing and now I'll log in and see if it's still the same. I hope it was just yesterday.
  12. Dungeon AFKers

    I remember a time ago You wouldn't get the daily done or participate in the loots if you are at the beginning of the dungeon. No clue what dungeons these were tho. Yeah bns rlly needs to do sth against that. Especially since there are a lot of players out there with a long loading screen and the others just see them as afkers. Sometimes I'm loading into the dungeon, but the others see that I'm already in the dungeon.
  13. Leeches, AFKers

    It's true. I am one of those unluckly players who have a fking looong loading screen and high ping,... Whenever I enter a game I'm hoping that I will be there for the boss fight in time. And I know that there are many ppl like me. But often ppl accuse me of afking, when I'm not even doing that. The problem is that there are too many laoding screens in game. Mbe BnS should do sth about that
  14. Blade Master Divebomb Skill????

    Its the new update i guess. The whole skill tree has changed and some skills were removed. Now the best thing for a BM is to use the fire build. I was confused af when the skills changed :D If u have any questions for the BM send me a message.
  15. Story Act6 Chap6 (Ebon Hall)

    Hai there, I know I'm not the only one cuz there were people who asked for help before. At this point in the story I have to solo Ebon hall with poh and I can't do that no matter how often I try. I cant even find a video about how to solo Ebon hall. What I found was that the Sentinel Ruins was the dungeon of Act6. So I assume that this was changed from an update. Guys, did anyone solo Ebon Hall and can give me some tips or sth? In the dungeon Poh gets stuck in ice after a time and I have to free her. As a Blade Master I have problems freeing Poh, fighting the mobs and CC-ing the red AoE's of the boss at the same time -_____- I'm thankful for any help!