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  1. If you mouse over your account name at the top right, go to Transaction History > Subscriptions > Blade & Soul and the cancel option will be there. You have to get off the forum site though, so click Shop or something first.
  2. Illogical, and quite frankly, a redundant argument. You say "serious" and "biggest" just to make it sound better, but really it makes no sense. Again, making predictions and "mights/maybes" that make no sense and you simply are in no position to speak for everyone. If that's NCSoft's viewpoint, it's pretty much taking action that's borderline punishing all for the chance that a few may commit the crime later. Blade & Soul already has one of the most toxic communities of any MMO, and most more successful ones have some kind of a vote-to-kick or anti-afk system that works for the gam
  3. I tried the fixes below 2 days ago, and they helped immensely. Before I'd lag the same whether I played on Low-end PC mode or just medium graphics all around, it was near 0 difference, and maxed would lag a bit more than both. After applying these fixes, I was able to play without much combat lag and with all settings maxed out. I logged back in yesterday and it's back to lagging, even after setting priority to High again in the Task Manger. In Mushin's tower around all the people, I was getting 30-49 fps, now I'm stuck with 6-25 and even worse, the game freezes during boss fights. The freezes
  4. I just came back to BnS and did some reading up today, sorry if I missed a similar thread to mine. Can you provide the link? I can just read the replies there. "He doesnt use social media, and he's certainly never stepped foot in game to talk to anyone" this is pretty much all I wanted to know. Found it... not sure how I missed that title.
  5. Thinking of returning to the game with a friend, they'll be starting from scratch. But I hear the reasons I left in the 1st place seem to have only gotten worse. Does having the original producer mean there may be some positive changes, compared to the direction the game has been going until now? I.e. a better GM team, maybe some who can actually interact with the community like in other games. Or changes that help the average player or new players coming in.
  6. Took a couple days, but I finally got a GM reply, added to the OP. So the livestream and patch notes were wrong in telling us the chance of success increases.
  7. I agree, the event dungeons should have been lower tier so everyone had a fair chance at getting the reward. But it's at a point where there is not much progression, a new player comes in and has no easy dungeons to start from and build up. All reasonable farming methods and lower dungeon rewards have been all but removed, so it's swipe, quit or deal with it.
  8. I'm addressing what you said. If you were in fact 100% with 13 Pristine Oils, then you would only have needed to get 2 more from F10, one now, and one after 8pm today and you'd be finish. So if the information you gave was true, then sending in multiple tickets was a waste of time.
  9. You get 1 each day for free from the Hongmoon Store in the Hongmoon Coin tab, not the Ncoin tab. 2 days would give you your 2 Pristine Oils, which would get you your legendary soul.
  10. If you were 100% and only 2 oils needed for the next attempt, then there was no need to send in multiple tickets or even one. Thank you for the suggestions, but there were already many posts like that for the GMs to read and take into consideration if they felt it was worth doing. If they were compelled to please their player base then the game wouldn't be in the state it's in now, so I'll take a different approach. They mostly respond when they actually make a blatant mistake that gets enough of an outcry. So let's try to emphasize more on the fact that they were wrong in how they inf
  11. I didn't send in a ticket, I copy and pasted what the patch notes stated to argue that the success rate did not increase as promised after each fail.
  12. It was my understanding after reading from the developers directly from the patch notes and from watching the live stream that the chance of success in upgrading the Fleeting Astral Soul - Stage 6 to Brilliant Fleeting Astral Soul increases after every fail. This is what the players were told; however, there is a very high number of players sharing their results of reaching +100% or close to that. The challenge mileage was said to be added in addition to the initial success rate, so the chance of actually reaching +100% should be abysmally low. Was there a bug in the calculations or was this s
  13. The gameplay and graphics are still great to me, so I can have fun playing the game, but that fun only lasts for a short period of time until I'm tired of being stuck at a pay wall or the toxic community. Still that little bit of fun makes me want to progress and keep enjoying, and for some people, it's enough to get them to spend for that boost to get them over the wall and continue playing and "progressing" until you need your next fix. Just like in any good movie or game, it's not so much the end-result or being the strongest that makes it enjoyable, but the story/adventure getting there...
  14. If you said those first two paragraphs in a literal and less negative way, I wonder how many people would have agreed, defending NCSoft's decisions. For me, cosmetics were the main selling point of the game. I was ready to spend on all the lovely costumes coming up in the summer; however, I no longer spend any money on the game, not even for premium. I'll start spending when they fix some of the clipping and awful anatomy and poses of Yun and Gon females... if I'm still alive and playing by then. All four of my characters failed their first try, only my main got it the 2nd. I'm already
  15. Why don't you give a price range so someone can give you a suggestion on what to get? What can you afford to spend on a gaming PC?
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