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  1. No mouse control

    Little update, i send a DxDiag and antother file idk what it is ... hoping the support will help me this is a serious problem ^^"
  2. No mouse control

    Yea i send them an update but i still have no answers
  3. No mouse control

    Hey guys ! Do you wana know what ? it's been a bit less than a week and the bug occurs again ! Isn't there a way to just avoid or delette this bug ??? I don't have a great connection i don't want to unsistal and re instal blade and soul everytime !!!
  4. No mouse control

    Hi Problem found, The launcher was corrupted We Re-install the full game + launcher bug solved
  5. No mouse control

    Hi I'm posting this subject here and we still don't have any answer from the support A good friend of mine literaly lose the controls of her camera She can still use the attack of her mouse but she can't scroll or turn her camera Does anyone know how to fix that ??? We already tried : -Teleporting -switching modes (B&S), simple, classic -Fixing the game with the launcher -Re-installing the game -Updated all drivers We made a little video of the bug Please help us ! My friends is desesperated ...